Building a Garden Shed Step by Step

How to Build a Garden Shed Step by Step
Home Improvement & Decoration

Have you been thinking of building your own garden shed for a really long time but you don’t know where to start? If the answer is yes, then some of your problems might just get solved.

Tools: To start with, you need at least the following few tools to build your own shed:

  • A hammer
  • A spirit level
  • A sharp craft knife
  • Step ladders
  • A drill
  • A lump hammer

Remember you can’t do it alone. You need at least one more person to help you out and you can always contact handyman services for help.


  • Familiarize yourself: Lay out all the components of the shed set you just bought and try to understand which component is used to serve what purpose.
  • Layout: Layout the components of the wooden base first. Place the two large beams first and then place the smaller beams between these two at equal distance.

Mark the points where the smaller beams are to be fixed to the larger beams and then drill holes accordingly. Use the screws provided to fix the beams together to assemble the base. Check the instruction manual to see exactly how many of those screws you need at each joint.

  • Fix the frame: move the wooden frame to the exact location of where you want your shed to be in the garden and with the help of a spirit level find out which corner of the frame is set at the highest level. Hammer in one of the metal stakes at this corner into the ground. Once the top of the stake and the frame are at the same level, fix the frame and the stake together with 9-inch screws. Maintain the level with the help of spirit level at all other corners and then drive in the rest of the stakes to repeat the same. This step would be easier if you seek help from a local handyman services
  • Fix the floor: once the frame is in place, you can place the floor panel on top of it appropriately and then you can screw it with the base.
  • Side panels: pre-drill three holes in the side panels on both sides at the top, middle, and bottom. Doing this beforehand is important because they will later need rapid fixing with the floor and the base when you’ll place the front and back panels.
  • Back panel: Lift the back panel and place it properly. Support it with a side panel at first and drive in screws through pre-drilled holes to fix them together. Similarly, fix the second side panel with the back panel and then together fix them with the base and floor.
  • Front panel: if the door is not already fixed, make sure you fix it before trying to place it. Ensure that the door hinges are on the outside. Once the door is attached, fix the front panel in place.

Find a handyman or local gardener to build a garden shed though, is always an easier thing to do. You get guaranteed results and also save your own time while there is always a risk of messing things up while building if you have no previous experience.

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