Easy and Cheap Ways to Increase Your Home Security

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Increase Homes Security
Home Security

Home Security is a top priority for everyone. Not only is our home our pride but also the belongings in them, be them materialistic or sentimental are of utmost importance. Therefore it is vital that we maintain home security. As effective as they are, alarm systems are the most common method that people use to secure their home. However, these can be expensive and not everyone can afford these. There are many simple, easy and cost effective ways to increase your homes security:

  • Control your home lighting when away. Home automations systems mean that whilst you are away you can turn the lighting on and off randomly to make it seem like someone is always at home. This can deter away thief’s.

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  • Display safety boards around the house. For example a board stating that alarm system is in place, alerts the burglars and can put them off.
  • Use locks that ensure the door is locked once it is closed. This means that a burglar can never take opportunity of a unlocked door.
  • Do not post your holiday on social media or people around you. This way no one will know you are away.
  • Fill your bins regularly. If you are away tell neighbours to put your bins out at times of collections. Therefore the house will not seem unoccupied.
  • Get an alarm system. This is something that will most definitely have an impact as it can alert neighbours. If you can really afford it you can have it connected to the police and when it alerts them they come ASAP.
  • Fit security cameras. Having these visible will surely alert burglars that you are watching them at all times.
  • Don’t let shrubs grow too long. If plants and shrubs to long then it can give burglars a place to hide and cover up themselves for longer.
  • Motion sensor lights. These are an excellent deterrent because even if no one is in as soon as the burglar enters your premises, they come on automatically.

Home security is something that everyone takes seriously. It is a place where we want to feel secure and protected. Even home builders are always looking at new ways to build homes that are more secure for everyone. So whether you are a home owner, looking to build a new home or even get a home extension, bear in mind the tips above and you can make your home safer cheaply yet effectively.

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