Five Stunning Stairway Trends

Five Stunning Stairway Trends
Home Improvement & Decoration

As open living is becoming more and more popular day by day, stairways are becoming a major component of the house and are turning into design pieces. Over the last few years, five major trends concerning stairways have come into light. If one wants to incorporate these styles in their houses, there are various recommended local builderavailable who can help them out.

1. Seamless Stairs

The seamless blending of the floor with the stairways brings forth a graceful touch.  This style is minimalist. It makes the room look more spacious than it actually is and gives it a modern twist. Normally, designers use self-levelling screed.  However wood, as a natural material, is quite popular now. It creates a more comfortable look than stairs made of concrete. One can find a builder who will help to understand which material will be the best for this type.

2. Cantilevered Stairs

The latest trend includes stairways that wind up along the wall just like an open accordion. These folded plate staircases have connecting risers and steps. It does not have any side plates. It seems like the staircases are floating. These stairs radiate more lightness as the staircase is reduced to an absolute bare minimum. Treads are anchored without risers to a side of the wall or to a side panel. It is a truly a work of art. These stairs are often built without any handrails but this is not safe. A trick that is used by some designers is attaching glasses on open side of the staircase to ensure both the safety while preserving the beauty of the design.

3. Barrier-free Stairs

Safety is an important aspect when staircase is considered. Elderly people should be able to use stairs even though they may not be able to walk steadily. As a result barrier-free stairs are becoming important. These stairs are planned in such a way that they are safe and convenient, and can be fitted with a platform lift or stair lift. Structure of the stairway must make it possible to fit a lift later on. Handrail is an absolute must.

4. Box Newels

Box newels are a big trend in last few years.  It is considered the anchor of stair systems and, along with variety of balusters, can create unique looks. This newel can be small, for tight places, or large for grand entryway but this trend is definitely making its mark. One can also customize the box newels as per his or her wish, like engrave their name on it etc.

5. Linear Metal Panels

Installing linear metal panels bring a very modern look to the house. These are easy to build. There will only be need for screw holes that will be drilled for installation. Glue, code issues, sanding etc. will not even be required. These panels come ready to install.

When it comes to staircases, there has to be a perfect blend of utility, safety and style. Once a person chooses which stairway trend goes along with their style, he or she can find a builder in London and make their place a whole lot trendier.

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