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Metal Staircase Installation
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The metal staircase accentuates the overall appearance of the interior and exterior designs. It reflects a modern sleek look and a certain degree of grandeur. It synchronizes well with various styles of architecture such as stunning wrought iron staircases. This is an excellent pick for decorative grand staircases and ornate stair railings. Metal stair railings are now available in varying designs and blends with wood, stone, and glass. It does not matter whether you are opting for a robust, durable and aesthetically-pleasing interior or exterior staircase; they are plenty of designs to choose from.

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Common problems

At Bag a Builder homeowner has the liberty to post jobs related to inadequate lighting at the metal staircase. In such cases, they used fanlights to permit the light in passing through the staircase. Staircases are vulnerable to cracks especially in the absence of handrails and adequate support for them.


The concerned tradesmen suggested by Bag a Builder is specialized in providing maintenance and installation services of steel staircase and metal staircase as well. It would instantly escalate the property value and is visually pleasing to the guests. Owing to its astonishing durability, there are no issues concerning distortion and the absence of repairs. Specialist deals with varnishing, painting and sealing a metal staircase. They pay close attention to the accumulation of dust.

Metal stairs come in varying shapes and styles including curved, flared, circular and floating. They are designed out of stainless steel, wrought iron, galvanized steel, etc.

How does it work?

At Bag a Builder, homeowners could post a job related to the installation of metal and steel staircases in London. To post a job homeowner has to sign up to Bag a Builder for free and by which they can have easy access to related tradesmen. However, the local body code enforcement office specifies a rail height. Accurately measure the railings and devise a plan accordingly. The concerned tradesmen suggested by BAB measure and mark the exact position of railing post, balusters using a pencil.


The estimated cost of a winding indoor staircase posted by the tradesmen is very cheap. The primary staircase is capable of capturing the attention of the public. The cost of exterior stairs is very low when compared to interior stairs. Certain housing codes demand particular dimensions, handrails. The price quotes can be compared by the customers before making a decision

Choosing a specialist

Concerned tradesmen suggested by Bag a Builder convert Metal stair railing into simple, classy, conventional, unorthodox interior and exterior designs. A highly skilled and trained tradesman would accurately measure the size and weight. Moreover, check for online reviews and feedback from discerning clients. They would present before you a wide range of metal staircase designs and execute tasks according to the tastes and preferences of clients.

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