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If you live in the UK, then you probably know that February to March is the time to look out for jobs to be done in the house and improve it for the rest of the year. You will have a look at certain chores like tidying your garden, improving the fencing, replacing the old fixtures, replacing the roof, maintaining the gutter system, and taking care of the garden vegetation.

So, with the tasks you have lined up to do in the meantime of February and March, find a tradesman who is perfect as per your requirements.

5 jobs to do in your house during February and March

1) Perform maintenance of your roof:

The next thing which has most-damaged in winter is the roof. So, if you are fine with heights, then do it yourself or either call a repair person. He will first inspect the roof for missing shingles, pitted flashing, cracked pipe collars and then perform the correction. Also, if there is any other construction work to do that is ticking in your mind, then you can call a contractor as well.

2) Improve garden aesthetics:

When winters are over and spring to arrive, the things that are very important to take up first is the Garden. Winter leaves garden damp and swampy, weeds are grown and fences are damaged. So, to re-improve the garden aesthetics like before, you need to correct all these and to do that you will need a person who is an expert in this.

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3) Maintain the damaged gutters

Outdoor maintenance is important and the most important of all is gutter maintenance. There might be leaves, debris, and granules choking the proper flow. But if you do not know much, then leave it to the expert.

4) Mow garden and improve plants

March is the perfect time to trim the overgrown trees and grass. As the spring is arriving, the new plants will blossom and trees will be filled with new growth. Therefore, cut the broken branches and trim trees for overgrowth. But this task needs experience and an expert’s guidance. So, call out for a trimming service provider and hire them. They will have the necessary tools to perform the task.

5) Repair the paint

Being exposed to snow for a long time, paint generally starts to scrap and becomes easy to chip off. Therefore, for a beautiful and relaxed spring, get the paint redone. You can call a tradesman, who is expert in pressure washing and house painting. The new coat of paint will give a new look to the house and it will protect from the summer heat.

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If you perform all these tasks beforehand, you have a great summertime waiting for you. After this, you can freely sip morning coffee resting peacefully in your garden and looking your kids to play in the midst of beautiful greens and blossoming flowers. Just search local tradesmen who are looking for best tradesmen jobs and hire them for the repair and maintenance work in the house in February and March.

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