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When you are planning to buy a new home or want to sell an old one, you need to calculate the exact living area so that you can determine the contemporary price of the property. It is easy to calculate the square footage of the house when you know the trick. Besides, you should know what to include and what not to. Do not worry as the process will become pretty easy when you go through the instructions mentioned below.


How to measure your living area?

The square footage your home is an important element, necessary to determine the available space where you can stretch your legs.


Go through the floor plan

The entire house plan will be properly segregated into rooms, kitchen, hallway, bathrooms, etc. You need to find out the right dimensions so that you can calculate the price of your floor area you want to buy or sell. Here is how the residential builders do it at ease.


How to measure square feet?

It is easy to measure a conventional shape such as a square or a rectangle. It is complicated to measure a room with funny shapes. Take a measuring tape or the latest and accurate laser measure to get the proper length and breadth of the room. If you find out that the room walls are not parallel to each other then you will have to break the entire space into proper rectangles.


If the rooms have an outcropped area

If the room is in conventional geometric shape just multiply the length by the breadth. You will find the square footage of the room. If it is not in a conventional way, you need to focus on the breakage of the available space into rectangles. Separately add the rectangular areas and find the area of the room easily.


Measuring outcropped area

The outcropping part can be considered as another rectangle with its own length and breadth. Measure them separately and add to the floor area. If the outcropped area is not a conventional shape then you can easily find the area by using an online calculator and following the instructions. You can also take the help of the residential builders London.


Simplify the home measurement

In this case, you need to consider the things that you cannot add to the measurement. There is nothing to be scared. Imagine your home made of small boxes where each room is a box. Just add each area of the box and find out the total area of the home.


Do not count inhabitable area

As per the guidelines, you can only add the habitable space inside your home. The spaces that you cannot add are porches, patio, garage, etc.



It is easier than you think. The available space on the floor can be measured using a measuring tape and a little amount of patience. If you think it is intimidating you can hire the recommended home builders to do the job. The builders have their own latest tools to measure the floor space without any hassle. The area will be measured as per the standards and you will be able to find out the actual available space.


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