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Plumbing is one of the key elements for the normal functioning of any household. Whether we want to have a nice hot shower or even ensure that the dishwasher is working properly, then the plumbing needs to be kept well. It is not actually till something goes wrong, like the shower stops working or no hot water in shower occurs, then we realise the importance of this. It is important that we use certified plumbing engineers to fix our problems, to ensure that they are fixed to a high standard. However, There are certain habits we can incorporate into our regular routines to help prevent these issues from occurring. Also, there some things that should not be done to prevent problems with plumbing. Let’s have a look at these:


  • Pour Boiling water into sink and bath at least once every 3 weeks to prevent the pipes from blocking.
  • Invest in a water softener. This is because over time minerals and hard deposits will clog the pipes. A water softener will ensure that this does not happen.
  • Small issues should be resolved early. Do not think that a small leak can wait. This is because you may find that the small leak can get bigger very quickly and turn out to be more costly.
  • During the winter keep a minimal amount of water running, to be frozen pipes. This is one of the major plumbing issues in the winter.
  • DIY-Do It Yourself-By fixing small plumbing issues in the house yourself means that you can save money, without spending a lot of money on minor repairs.


  • Do not use commercial drain un-blockers in sinks. Although, they are extremely expensive they cause your pipes to erode over time.
  • Do not throw sanitary products, wipes, make up pads etc into toilet. The toilet is not designed to flush away these items. If this is done continuously you will be sure to have a blocked toilet.
  • Do not use drop in toilet fresheners. Although the blue fresheners gives off a good odour, it eventually starts to erode parts of the tank which can cause functional problems.
  • Do not let bones, pasta and solid foods block the kitchen sinks. ensure that plates are emptied out properly, before they are washed in the sink.
  • Do not ignore the problem. No matter how small the issue is get it fixed before it gets bigger.

So these things should help in your plumbing remaining in can shape for longer. But if a problem does occur the it is vital that you find the right plumber. At Bag a Builder you can post the best plumbing jobs and whether you want the best bathroom plumbing or any other plumbing then this is the right place for you.

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