Tips for Cleaning UPVC Window Frames from Certified Cleaners

Cleaning UPVC Window Frames
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Window is a prime requirement of the house. It maintains proper ventilation in the house apart from fulfilling aesthetic desires of the dwellers. A decked up window overlooking some pleasant green stretch is something everybody dreams of. Besides being beautiful, a window needs to be quite durable and resistant to adverse climatic changes. Modern generation windows are so designed that they are both beautiful and strong. Nowadays, uPVC windows are dominating the markets of UK. These are extensively used in homes and offices. The window frames come in different colours and designs, the commonest being the white frames. But, these windows should be maintained properly with regular cleaning and occasional changing of its parts (if required) to confer more strength to it.

Here are some steps to follow for cleaning uPVC window frames suggested by some eminent cleaning services:

Things required:

  1. Lukewarm water
  2. Clean cloth
  3. Bucket or tub
  4. Brush
  5. Creamy non-abrasive cleaner
  6. UPVC cleaning solution
  7. Vacuum cleaner


  • At first, you should start removing the dirt. You can do this by brushing with a fine, soft brush. Alternatively, you can also use some rough fibre cloth. If you do not have much time in hand, clean the dirt by a vacuum cleaner.
  • Now, after the dirt is loosened or removed, it is time to clean it up with water. Fill the tub or bucket you are using with lukewarm water. Soak a cloth in it and gently swipe it throughout the frame with uniform pressure. Then wipe dry.
  • Next, add the creamy cleaning solution to clean the spots and dust still sticking to the window. If you do not have creamy solutions, use simple soapy water. Although, an uPVC cleaner is recommended for removal of nasty dirt which cannot be washed off. You can get such a cleaner from any of the local certified cleaners. Now wash off the detergents by a soft cloth and pat dry.

Do’s and don’ts:

You should be careful about certain things while cleaning:


  • Use only a white cloth for cleaning. This is because coloured fibres can transfer the colour to your frame which might spoil its beauty.
  • Use creamy solution instead of common soaps. Soaps contain corrosive chemicals which might damage or even bleach your frame.
  • Confirm the authenticity of your ingredients from any of the authorized home cleaning services.


  • Do not use the same process to clean the window glass as it can damage the glass permanently.
  • Do not scratch the frame while loosening the dirt.
  • Do not use very cold or very hot water for cleaning purpose.

uPVC windows are made to withstand every kind of weather. Additionally, they need very low maintenance. So, you can easily clean it on your own following the simple and easy steps mentioned above. You should keep in mind all the dos and don’ts and take precautions accordingly or hire a professional from Bag a Builder to do the job for you.



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