What do you Need to Do to Become a Skilled Plumber?

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Plumbing is a trade in which many skills are required to be successful in the job. Although the obvious way to become a skilled plumber is through experience and qualifications, there are many other attributes necessary for a person to be doing well in this profession. Firstly, to become a skilled plumber you need to be good at practical tasks with your hands. You should most certainly enjoy working with water and have the ability to multitask. Secondly, you should be a good problem solver. This is because most plumbing issues involve you to mentally understand what the issue is and then to practically make it right. Although most issues will appear as textbook some will not and it is vital you see things from different perspectives.

So these are some of the main tasks that you will be expected to carry out as a plumber:

  • The assembling of pipes, fixtures and drains
  • To meet safety standards when any task is carried out
  • Cutting things accurately to amend and repair
  • Repairing things with specialist tools and knowledge

Repairing many things like radiators or boilers is also a key part of plumbing. Skilled plumbers require qualifications which many colleges and other professional bodies provide. Usually these are City and Guild Qualifications and NVQ’s (National Vocational Qualifications). In order to succeed in this profession, it is mandatory to be certified. Health and safety standards also need to be maintained all the time.

Before you decide if this is the correct profession for you, you need to be aware of the building and water regulations. These will help you to understand the key standards that need to be maintained and will help with further study and the understanding of plumbing.

Benefits of becoming a plumber 

  • You can be employed or self employed
  • You can gain a good reputation locally and become a certified local plumber

In all plumbing is a profession for individuals who have an interest in practical and hands on work and take pride in resolving issues to a high standard.

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