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Even though there are certain recyclable metals, there are quite a few which are vulnerable to corrosion owing to constant exposure to foreign elements in the atmosphere. Zinc roofs have the potential to imbibe carbon dioxide through trapping the gas in a highly secured surface layer designed out of zinc carbonate. The metal roofing system has a remarkable longevity, impermeability and resistance power.

How does it work?

Bag a Builder helps the homeowner by enabling them to post a job related to the installation of a metal roofing system or zinc cladding, etc. A homeowner can choose the best tradesmen by comparing the quotations.

Tradesmen hold the view it would help in conserving energy and capable of withstanding various foreign elements. The company holds the view that it can be executed as an advanced DIY project. It is a difficult task and could differ based on the brand of shingles and panels.

Common problems

Bag a Builder is a portal that let a user post the job about corrosion that occurs beneath the lower portion of zinc roofing. It is primarily due to the presence of moisture content. The roofing system contains a unique design that enables warm and moist air to seep through the roof’s insulation. Zinc is subject to corrosion if the condition is not favorable for the creation of patina. It is also applicable in cases where water stays intact in metal for a longer duration. The tradesmen suggest placing a protective coating over the zinc panels.

Bag a Builder takes pride in offering top-notch services by enabling customers to submit a job associated with the installation of metal or corrugated roofing system. Price quotes can be posted too. The tradesmen suggested by BAB holds the view that Zinc roofing does not have a detrimental effect on the environment. Most of its architectural grade is recyclable. The estimated lifespan of zinc is about one hundred years. It is arguably one of the best options for roofing material.


The tradesmen suggested by BAB prefers zinc for construction purposes due to its astonishing resistant properties. It is impervious to corrosion, dust and moisture content. Zinc develops a fine thin layer known as patina. This covers entire material and safeguards from weather elements.

At Bag a Builder, the homeowner could post jobs at a reasonable price. However, there might be slight variations in the cost based on the square feet.

Choosing a specialist

The prospective homeowner may approach the online platform of Bag a Builder, as they have in store some of the authentic tradesmen in the UK. They provide a comprehensive guide on various types of metals.

Homeowners are requested to pay close attention to numerous factors that may a direct impact on the ultimate price for a brand new metal roof. It comprises of various metal types and roofs.

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