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Find a certified bricklayer in London. A bricklayer lay bricks, stone, concrete blocks, repair walls, foundation and building blocks to construct the brickwork.

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A bricklayer is a craftsman who is relevant to labour but different from a mason. It is very difficult to choose and find a certified bricklayer in London. Before choosing bricklayer, you must ensure that these craftsmen deliver their work with quality and safety. We at Bag a Builder will help home owner to find a local bricklayer that is well certified and experienced holding CSCS card.

Types of Wall Brick Bonds

A pattern of laying bricks known as brick bond. There are some types of famous brick bond mentioned

  • Flemish Bond: – It’s an art of arranging bricks in such a manor where each course consists of alternate bricks having their short sides and long sides facing outwards, with every other courses being equalize.
  • English Bond: – English bond is stronger than Flemish bond. This technique can be used when wall thickness is more than 1½ brick
  • Dutch Bond: – Dutch Bond can be used on vertical joints of the stretchers in any line are in line with the centers of the first stretchers on top and low.
  • Rat Trap Bond:- When bricks are placed in vertical position instead of conventional horizontal position which creates a cavity known as Rat Trap Bond

Responsibilities of Bricklayer

A bricklayer is a person who is designated to lay the bricks for the construction of brickwork. A building or repairing a wall in accordance with construction plan is the responsibility of a bricklayer. Bricklayer also builds or refurbishes arches, chimneys and other structures. It is difficult to find the qualified and professional bricklayer in London who knows his/her responsibilities.

  • To build commercial/ residential chimneys, patios, fireplaces, walkways and wall, a bricklayer lay stone, bricks and various similar materials.
  • They lay firebricks to smokestacks and line industrial chimneys.
  • By using hand and power tools, they cut and trim the bricks, stones and other materials.
  • By using acid resistant bricks, they lining or relining the boilers and furnaces.
  • They also clean, restore and paint the existing brick structures.
  • Interpreting and reading blueprints and sketches is also one of the other main duties of a bricklayer.

Risk Factor

As you know laying the bricks is not an easy task. It requires a lot of skills and techniques. A certified bricklayer understands the importance of safety at work and tries to decrease the risk.

Falling from height – This is one of the highest causes of fatal injuries or risk involve while laying the brick at height. A well qualified and certified bricklayer knows what precautions needs to taken at height.

Collapse of scaffold- A bricklayer should be very careful about the scaffold as it may collapse due to which several injuries can be happen like neck and spinal cord injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries or even death.

Falling objects hitting head or body, including feet – A bricklayer consider the fact that brick has a certain weight and can be fall due to gravity on earth. When an object like brick falls down it may hit the head, feet or any part of body due to which serious injury may occur. 

Slips and trips – This isvery common problem comes while laying the bricks due tonot enough friction or traction between feet and surface.

What Bag A Builder Does?

With the help of Bag a Builder, you can search for a bricklayer easily in a free manner by signing up for free as a home owner. That helps you in saving a lot of money and time because it is a platform that helps you in finding the skilled bricklayer for your needs. Bag a Builder allows home owner to find the various bricklayer in London and they can establish contact with bricklayer either via chat option or email.

Bag a Builder has now become the most trusted online platform in United Kingdom. Achieving this position, we must thank the public, because of their support for the services provided by us and also thanks to our tradesmen. If the work done by the craftsman does not satisfy you, then the whole experience can spoil your mood and will show a negative impact on your reputation. You can find various tradesmen such as plasterer, plumber, electrician, bathroom fitter, builders, carpet repairs, and others. All the tradesmen are certified and highly experienced.

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