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Having smoothly finished walls in your home have a great impact on the structural durability and robustness of your home and this can be achieved by the process called PLASTERING. To find a plaster in Birmingham providing you the best services has now become a very difficult task. The plasterer is a tradesman that is used to level your walls by giving it a smooth finish whether covering up the brickwork of the load-bearing wall or completing the plasterboard of an interior wall. Once plastering is done properly, the surface is damp proof and is ready for decoration purposes.

A good plasterer is one who can perform his job in a good and short interval of time. Therefore, it is very important to check that the person you are hiring must be highly qualified and have rich experience in their work. There are various things that need to be checked before hiring it such as his qualification, certification, experience and various others.

Before hiring a local plasterer in Birmingham for your home, you need to do a lot of research work. So researching a plasterer is a dicey task. A local plasterer must be proficient in his work. He will be able to perform various tasks such as solid plastering, dry lining, fibrous plastering, skimming, rendering a wall and various others.

Types of plaster:

Before finding a plasterer, we all wonder about which type of plaster is best for our home, offices or other places. So, we all must have the knowledge of various types of plasters so that while having plaster at our workplace, we all can ask any type of question from the tradesman. So, there are various types of plasters that are given below:

  • Composite plaster: This type of plaster is applied to the internal or external surfaces with different thickness in one or two coats. This plaster is made by mixing surki, lime cement, pozzolana, and sand.
  • Stucco plaster: This type of plaster is comprised of three coats among which the thickness of the first coating is 15mm, the thickness of second coating is 10mm and the thickness of the third coating is 5mm.
  • Lime plaster: As the name suggests, the lime plaster is prepared by the mixture of lime and sand.
  • Special plasters: This type of plaster is required for special purposes such as restricting shrinkage, waterproofing, and various others.
  • Waterproof plasters: This type of plaster is used for the protection of the masonry wall and used to eliminate and reduce the dampness of the wall.

Common problems occur while performing the job:

There are various problems occur during plaster. Some of them are given below:

  • Cracks: After the walls become wet, then there is a little bit movement in the walls which results in cracks. This is one of the major problems which need to be fixed by the local plasterer in Birmingham.
  • Holes made by humans: When the walls get holes from balls, fists, falling objects, and other things then it becomes a major problem for the plasterer while doing plastering.
  • Falling down cornice: This is one of the big problems that can also harm anyone. After some time, the cement from the cornice gives away and leaves a big hole which results in difficulty in plastering it.
  • Heaters removed: Many houses contain gas heaters and if people want to remove or replace it with a new electric heater or new gas heater, then during removing, a big hole is left to fill.
  • Door handles: When the door opens in a number of times, then the back wall of a door got damage due to the handle of the door that can be avoided with the help of the doorstop.
  • Water damage: When your wall has a constant drip of water, then it will degrade it from inside which results in a big problem while doing the plaster.

Responsibilities of plasterer:

The major responsibilities of a plasterer are to give a smooth finish. Along with this, there are various other responsibilities that a plasterer needs to fulfil. Some of them are given below:

  • The plasterer is responsible for the creation of the perfect mortar mixture.
  • The plasterer should ensure that the new plaster must be matched with the texture and consistency of the old plaster.
  • To consider the best material for the application is handled by the plasterer.
  • He is responsible for removing the cover of the light switches.
  • At the end of the day, ensure high cleanliness standards by removing all the tools and scaffolding from the workplace.
  • The plasterer is responsible for coverage of the doors and windows to protect from web plaster.

What does Bag a Builder do?

Bag a Builder is a platform that helps you in browsing the best plasterer in Birmingham relevant to your needs and can get the craftsmen at the most affordable and leading prices in the market. You can go to our platform and can find the best tradesmen by searching there. We help you in hiring the appropriate plasterer for your homes. If you are in search of a Plasterer, Bag a Builder is the right platform for you.

To hire a tradesman, a process is followed. In this process, the first step is to place a quote on our website. After placing it when it gets verified, then we would go through the wide network of the plasterer and contractors of a plasterer. We will match a plasterer relevant to your needs. After matching, the plasterer will contact you and you both can discuss the job and if the discussion goes positive, you can hire him. You can start your work after finding the right plasterer for you.

We at Bag a Builder help you to find a plasterer in Birmingham who is well certified and experienced containing CSCS card. The plasterer who is having the CSCS cards and other certifications is preferred more in comparison to the local plasterer and renderer in Birmingham.

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