10 Simple Steps to Increase Productivity in Construction

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10 simple steps to increase productivity in construction.
Managing Workforce

The construction companies do not handle a single project at a time. In fact, there are so many things on the site that need to be taken care of without wasting time and resources. Only a proficient team can perform the best on the site with excellent communication and coordination.

There are so many factors that control the productivity of the team on the construction floor. Lack of proper knowledge and coordination can prove to be very crucial. If the workers do not act in a coordinated way then the entire job might get ruined. This is the reason why a pro construction company always starts the day with a formal briefing of the jobs and training the mass in order to channelize their output towards a particular direction. This is the major step of construction management that provides a perfect platform to escalate the productivity on the floor.

10 steps to increase productivity

Following these 10 steps will automatically increase the productivity of the floor by optimizing the output and use of resources.

1) Process analysis: Enhance team performance

Process analysis is the first important step needed to increase construction productivity. Using this step you will find out the key factors that control the performance of the team. Setting benchmarks and goals will help the workers to work in a consolidated way. The work will proceed efficiently.

2) Divide the work according to employee skill: Don’t overload the workers

The foreman must have the experience in labour practice and managing teams on the construction floor.

3) Proper Training is must: To achieve the predefined goals in an effective manner

The foremost thing a team needs before commencing the project is job-related training. A proper briefing of the ongoing project will prove to be very effective in the execution of respective responsibilities.

4) Implementing changes: Time taking but must to be done

Introducing new processes takes time. The transition time must be reduced so that the good things can be introduced quicker. The proficient construction companies often consider taking time more so that the new processes can be reinforced in the system properly.

5) Usage of latest Technology: Necessary for proper scheduling and planning

The introduction of efficient and latest technology will also make sure that the volume of output is better in both quality and quantity. Planning a day’s work and delegating specific responsibilities to the employees using software can help a lot.

6) Make Proper Planning: Smart usage of available resources

Resource availability also controls the productivity on the site. You cannot afford employees sitting idle due to lack of resources. Planning is the biggest factor in this case. Procurement of material and equipment on time is very necessary.

7) Communication aids in the betterment of the process

An effective channel of communication between the workers and managers is a must for solving issues and hindrances in the workflow.

8) Organized site: Can somehow play important role in productivity enhancement

The more organized a site is, the better is the performance of the team. A clutter-free site is always the sign of a proficient team of construction workers.

9) Increased Overtime: Depreciation in productivity

Overtime is not always the answer to the increased productivity. Fatigue and overwork can lead to absenteeism. It can also result in severe accidents.

10) Best practices: For reduction in project accidents

The inclusion of best practices regarding safety, training, accountability, planning, etc will automatically enhance the capability of the team.

Wrapping up

The large construction companies follow these ten steps to increase their productivity and use the resources in an optimum way.

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