How can you Ensure that you hire a Reliable Tradesman?

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The question of finding and choosing a reliable tradesman worries every home owner. Being the customer of any construction work, for the most part is stressful, as the owner is not a specialist and cannot adequately assess the contractor. In this article we will look at some points that can help to find a reliable tradesman

Advertising on the pole 

Do not expect a company that is looking for clients through advertisements on poles to deliver good work. These are either newcomers, or a one-day companies. We need a tradesman who has delivers work professionally and on a regular basis. Especially if they have a specilisation in a specific construction field.  

Cost from nowhere 

It is useless to figure out the cost of future repairs by phone, as a proper tradesman will not tell you the price without seeing the amount of work. Even if they do, it will be the base cost and it can be very far from the real price, without taking into account your wishes, the characteristics of the apartment, the selected building materials and furniture. 

The only thing that can be guided by is the approximate range of prices “from” and “to”. The approximate cost can only be calculated by the estimator. They will inspect the apartment, make measurements and, based on the data will make a detailed estimate. 

Technical literacy 

Pay attention to the technical ability of the company employees with whom you communicate. A person with experience will always offer you more than one option. They will be able to advise on various materials with which they already worked, and will operate using mass of construction terminology. 

Reviews and recommendations 

Not always the tradesman that made repairs to your friends will do the same job for you. However, if there are a lot of good reviews, possibly they will do a great job. But you have to be careful, as often the reviews on the internet are fake, hence you have to read them carefully and with a critical eye. 

Research the company  

Look on the Internet for information about the repair company. Is there anything mentioned about the company? Does the company run social media? What people are saying about it? 

Contract and estimates 

You need to work according to the contract and estimates. Look very carefully at how the company calculates the estimates and what conditions are written in the contract 


Find out in advance how the payment will be made. The most correct would be a phased payment, this is the most secure scheme. In this case, both the customer and the contractor are on equal terms. So, the customer can refuse the services of the tradesman if they do not fulfill their needs, and the tradesman will be calm that they are not left without payment. 

If the customer pays attention to these points, they will find a good tradesman. This will increase the chances of making a beautiful bathroom or an entire apartment. 

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