Bathroom Design
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What Should a Modern Bathroom be Like?

The modern bathroom reflects the character of its owners - If the family is dynamic with a desire for movement and constant change, the bathroom will be decorated in catchy colours, and the overall design will be bold and bright. If the bathroom is decorated in light past...

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roof construction
Help for Homeowners

Making A Roof: How To Choose The Right Roofers And Control Their Work?

Any construction work that is being done on the roof of buildings, whether it is metal, flexible shingles, or natural ceramics must only be done by roofing professionals. A high-quality designed roof that is regularly maintained is a significant component of the success o...

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Sound Proof Insulation
Skill Improvement

How can a Plasterer Sound Proof a Room?

In order to eliminate as much external noise in your room as possible, there are a few handy tips that our team at Bag a Builder suggest for you to implement. Firstly, the most effective and reliable way for you to sound-proof your...

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