Making A Roof: How To Choose The Right Roofers And Control Their Work?

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Any construction work that is being done on the roof of buildings, whether it is metal, flexible shingles, or natural ceramics must only be done by roofing professionals. A high-quality designed roof that is regularly maintained is a significant component of the success of the entire structural base. The more detailed the design of the roof you have, the more likely you are to get closer to the goal of making your house beautiful, practical and durable.

So where do I find a specialist?

On the market there is an abundance of firms offering a full range of roof installation services, details of which are provided on the websites of these companies. However, the customer needs to make sure that the company that is selling this service has a license to conduct roofing works or is an official partner or dealer of manufacturers of certain roofing materials. At Bag a Builder we understand the importance and severity of this, so every one of tradesmen that is listed on our website has undergone comprehensive quality assurance background checks.

How do you know that the chosen team is competent?

The first meeting or even the first phone conversation will leave an impression of the company, one alarming signal is if the specialist’s indicate the price before reviewing the roof project. So, It is a good idea to request recommendations from the owners of finished objects and preferably made 2-3 years ago. This is a sufficient period to assess the result of the work done. It is also a compulsory requirement to sign a contract for roofing work.

It should contain three main points:

  1. The cost of roofing
  2. A list of works to be completed within the specified price
  3. the start and end of the work

It should be taken into account that the cost of the roofing project in reality can grow by about 10%.The increase in cost is due to the fact that often roofs are performed with certain deviations, and ad-hoc requirements are needed based on demands from the client and the weather in which roofers operate in. In addition, the contract should specify the prices for various additional services that the company can provide (e.g., insulation of the attic, installation of attic windows) as well as clearly stating the responsibility for non-compliance with deadlines and substandard work. A guarantee for the work done is also very important. The contractor undertakes during this period to fix all sorts of faults that occurred by mistake for free. Our team at Bag a Builder have written this blog because we want all your roofing projects and tasks to be completed safely, legally and to the highest level of quality. Visit our platform now to find the perfect tradesmen fit for the job.

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