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Bag a Builder takes pride in listing highly skilled, and qualified plumbers in London. We ensure that every tradesmen that we list (including plumbers) has undergone the relevant training, completed the right qualifications, and possesses the right tools and licenses. To get in touch with one of our plumbers, please visit our website.In this article, we would like to tell you about 10 very important personal qualities that every successful plumber should have. By no means are these the only qualities that a plumber should have, but they come very useful when delivering high-quality plumbing services. 

Qualities of a plumber Accuracy is the courtesy of not only builders, but also of good plumbing specialists. Based on the client’s needs, it is vital that plumbers attend their appointments on time if they want to ensure a good reputation. 

2. Successful plumbers avoid assurances that “they will install a system of any complexity” or “have already done a hundred of these”. A specialist should carefully consider your house or apartment, see its features. 

3. However, a good specialist always knows several ways to solve a problem. Perhaps one of them will be the most optimal, but if you do not like it, the master should suggest other options. 

4. Make sure that the plumber is well versed in various materials and technologies, including modern ones. For example, installing a boiler of a certain manufacturer or model may cause him some confusion, because he has not encountered the same before. At the same time, the master may have very rich experience in the installation of heating systems. 

5. Usually, an experienced plumber knows not only how to do his job, but also where to find all the consumables needed for it. He will willingly share this knowledge with you. Some craftsmen even prefer to buy everything they need on their own, presenting only receipts to the client for payment. 

6. Whether you need a water meter installation or simple pipe cleaning, the plumber can set deadlines for their work and meet them. Repair can be delayed only due to force majeure circumstances. However, with a real specialist, this happens in one case out of ten and has nothing to do with him: the time just coincided. 

7. Like any professional, a plumber has his own portfolio. It is very good if he can showcase his work in photographs. By the way, the more in his portfolio of works completed more than two years ago, the better: this means that the work of the master is time-tested, and clients still have no complaints about him. 

8. When talking to a plumber, don’t hesitate to ask him questions, even if you are completely inexperienced in laying pipes or clearing blockages. Be that as it may, you are a client, and you have the right to know exactly what will happen in your home. One of the properties of a good professional is that he can clearly explain the essence of what is happening, even to an amateur. Together with the rest of the observations, this will allow you to understand whether it is worth trusting this master. 

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