How can you be Fooled when Building a House?

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Is it a myth that builders will deceive wherever they can? Or is that just a misconception to get you from spending more money. Unfortunately, the latter is often not the case. Cheating is unfortunately profitable, and the construction industry has their hands tied in attempting to regulate it.

Why do advertisements promise a finished house at one price, but in practice it always comes out more expensive? Where exactly is the price “winding up”? And how can we insure ourselves against this?

The reason a client will not always know the closing price of building a house is because of several factors. Firstly, the client is not psychologically always ready to hear the closing price in the beginning, and if builders say an exact price it might scare the client off. Another factor is the expensive that are associated with building a house. Builders can screw up on logistics, as well as variable costs such (building materials, garbage collection, crane, etc). An effective way of insuring yourself against unexpected costs is to specify in advance the cost of each stage in as much detail as possible and compare the estimates of different companies precisely by the articles of the house kit plus related costs.

What are some builder tricks? How can they their own money?

At each stage, cheaper materials can be used. Builders often hide their work when the result is not visible, and often they cheat during different construction stages because the customer’s problems in this case will begin only after 1-2 years. For example, if you choose low-quality roof materialsthat are not protective against environment such as fungi, snow or rain the roof can be easily damaged. The build quality, designs and components are especially important indicators, because insufficient attention to minor details during the construction phase can cause serious problems during the overall operation.

Engineering systems: if they are poorly executed, they can cause a sting or a flood. This is an extreme case. Typically, improperly laid engineering systems can result in significant costs of running and supporting a home (which must then be paid by the homeowner).

How can you build an inexpensive and high-quality house from reliable builders?

The key here is to plan. You must plan every single factor that comes to home improvement or building a house. Think over all the pitfalls in advance, take them into account when making instructions, requirements, etc. When hiring builders, you must have every action and detail in writing – so in the slight chance of having a legal case you will have evidence.

What to look out for before paying builders

1. Never give builders the entire amount of building materials at once

2. Pay not in cash, but by bank transfer, so it will be easier to get a tax deduction

3. Do not believe the builders when they say that “they always do this, and everything is fine”

4. Do not pay for the work in parts, in stages, but only when everything is 100% done;

5. In the contract, write down that in the case of smoking on a construction site, the builders are responsible for the consequences (some of them had fires and even gas explosions).

Building a house is a very expensive and complicated procedure. You must have a solid plan in mind and be strict in sticking through to every decision you make. And always remember, the builders are working for you – do not let them extort you. At Bag a Builder we ensure that every builder puts their client’s needs at the forefront of their work. We take pride in delivering you highly skilled and professional’s builders that can build beautiful and cost-efficient houses.

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