5 New Trends in Construction and Building

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The Construction Industry is an industry that constantly requires innovation and change to keep it moving. Whether it is a change in materials used for building or a change in safety standards, there are always new trends to be seen in building and construction. Though there are numerous new trends – big and small – a prying eye can see, we have brought to you the major ones to know, internalize and benefit from:

Energy Efficiency

It is becoming increasingly common to incorporate energy efficient systems within buildings. This can be both beneficial for the environment and cost effective in the long term for the owners. Features like roof insulation and cavity wall insulation can reduce heating costs. Solar panels are a great way of providing electricity for the building. It is important for building companies to analyse the design of the building in the initial design stages to see how best they can incorporate energy efficient systems.

Collaborative Projects

In the past, it used to be common for Construction companies to work solo and not integrate with other companies to complete projects. However, it is now becoming a regular occurrence for companies to form partnerships with other construction companies to get jobs done: quickly and efficiently. Building companies are now realising that by having versatile minds and creative thinkers can really help build extraordinary structures. So whether it is the architects, builder or management, everyone can come together and see things from one perspective.

BIM Modelling

BIM Modelling (Building Information Modelling) is becoming the norm for architects to use for designing buildings. So instead of 2 dimensional drawings, architects are now using this 3 dimensional software to create drawings and be able to view structural plans from all angles. Not only it helps in nipping potential problems in the bud, but also in doing things more efficiently and cost effectively.

Mobile Technology on Site

This is something which is extremely beneficial for construction management teams. Instead of being bogged down by tonnes of administrative paperwork, they can now use apps and online software on mobiles to manage these. It means that whilst they are on the go they can regularly track progress and overlook things at a glance. Also they can have more time to spend on the more vital things, than being burdened by immense administrative tasks.

Pre Fabrication Construction

Prefabrication is primarily a way of building construction in which construction materials are manufactured in a factory and are assembled on site. One of the major benefits of this is that the manufacturing is done in a controlled environment, hence maximising efficiency all the while minimising risk of error.

In all, there are so many differing trends emerging in the Construction Industry. Though most are positives, there also are negatives like labour shortages. Everyone is continually working hard to ensure the Construction industry is innovating new ideas to ensure continual progress. At Bag a Builder you can post construction jobs to hiring certified and skilled tradesmen.

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