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Construction, renovation and repairing needs are often urgent and it’s always a good idea to hire local tradesmen in the UK for it. The more accessible your place is to them, the earlier they can finish the job.

However, you can’t just hire any local tradesmen in London – or wherever it is you are – and hope for a great finish. The second, and perhaps the most important, part is to ensure s/he is a qualified and competent in his/her role. Quality tradesmen will not mind showing their achievements. So go ahead and ask for those certifications, credentials and references that demonstrate what a great pair of hands s/he has got.

For those looking for a thorough checklist to separate wheat from the chaff, here is one to help you filter and employ good tradesmen in the UK.

1)  Qualifications:

Yes! This is the most important part – verifying the qualifications. Electrician, carpenter, bricklayer or a painter – whatever trade you need – make sure he carries industry recognized ID Cards proving his skill and safety credentials. Most of the carpenter and bricklayer carry CSCS Cards while plumbers and electrician are judged by JIB and ECS Cards respectively.

2)  Check their ratings and reputation:

Tradesmen hired online are rated for their behaviors and performances. Do check these out before making a final decision. In case you are looking to hire offline, words of mouth and recommendations by friends and family is what you can count on.

3)  Find about he is up to recently:

If possible, speak to previous customers and find out more about the tradesman you are going to hire. What if he is no longer the competent and trusted name your friend told you about? Maybe he has grown grumpy and greedy since the last time your uncle hired him? It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

4)  Always ask for quote

Always ask for a quotation for the work described, this differs from an estimate, which is a rough price and not binding. The quote should include a detailed job specification, price, conditions and a payment schedule.

5)  Who will pay VAT?

Its good if the tradesman you are hiring is VAT registered. In case he is not, one of you will be charged VAT. Clarify this in advance with the tradesman just in case.

6)  How much deposit should be ideal?

The deposit should not be more than 20% of the overall job price, but should cover the tradesman’s tools, materials and travel. Make sure it’s documented with a detailed invoice.

7)  Make and stick to payment schedule

A quote should outline the payment schedule the tradesman expects, to avoid any misunderstanding later on. Each stage of the payment schedule should be documented with an invoice, and should only cover work that has clearly been completed.

8)  Understand the terms of Guarantee

Almost all the good tradesmen in the UK offer guarantee on their workmanship for a period of time. Make sure you possess relevant paperwork to enforce a claim should something go wrong within the agreed period.

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