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House decoration at christmas
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When is Christmas on schedule? … Oh yes, in December! On this wonderful day and this wonderful month, we desperately need mittens, hot cocoa, warmth and the love of friends and family, but most importantly… the Autogen for frozen car locks. All jokes aside, Christmas is a magnificent time of year and there is an abundance of home decoration ideas that you can implement in your apartment or house to make it look magical. Our team at Bag a Builder have compiled a brief list of decorative ideas that you can carry out in any household during this lovely time of year. If you want some expert advice on decoration ideas, then head to our comprehensive database of decorators here. 

Let’s make Christmas wreaths with our own hands 

The tradition of weaving holiday wreaths for Christmas, Christmastide, and New Years with your own hands has been around for several hundred years, and without this activity it is difficult to imagine a magical holiday. Take a walk to the nearest forest park area: gather cones, spruce, pine, fir twigs and weave a crown out of them, fix it with a beautiful bright red ribbon and add decorations such as bells, Christmas-tree confetti, and a teddy owl. 

Traditions prescribe to decorate the door with crowns because in ancient times it was believed that they bring happiness, and the colour of the ribbons determines how the next year will “roll over”: 

  • Golden and yellow means wealth and luck, 
  • Red symbolises love and consent, or early marriage (if there is a young girl in the house), 
  • Green or blue – to a serene, calm, happy life. 

Serving the table unusually 

Christmas is a time for gatherings around the dinner table and enjoying a large feast. A pair of porcelain plates, washed to a blinding shine, dinnerware, napkins as a hat and scarf – and you have a real snowman on your table (almost like a living snowman). And such truly unusual cutlery covers will help to complement the composition of the plates. 

We sew Christmas decor from felt 

If you are a fan of handicrafts, and at one point have been shown the cutting and sewing of Christmas décor at the local cultural store or from the elegant craftsmanship of your grandmother, then this is something you must implement. Nevertheless, Christmas is a great occasion to revive your legendary skills in muscle memory and buy exclusive handmade jewellery. Stock up on colourful felt (it holds its shape well), colourful ribbons, glue, glitter, and tinsel – anything that gives you a burst of inspiration - the main thing is not to hold back your imagination! Christmas decorations can be found at your nearest fabric store but if you want the service of a professional decorator, get in touch with our team. 

Change a large Christmas tree to a small one 

Another foreign trend that has been rapidly gaining momentum in recent years is the purchase of small decorative Christmas trees. Moreover, this ingenious innovation simultaneously saves our money and protects our mother nature – at the end of the holidays, a miniature Christmas tree will not have to be taken out in the trash (which none of us likes to do). And this is insanely convenient! If a bulky fir tree, at best, can be placed in a hall or living room, then a small Christmas tree can be moved anywhere – on the dining table, in the refrigerator, or even on an old television. 

We hope that you now have a good understanding of what decorative ideas you can implement at home during the Christmas festivity, remember, there is always some decoration that you can implement and there is an abundance of useful information and professionals that you can find on the internet. 

Happy holidays and stay safe everyone! 

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