New Ways of Conducting Business and Securing Work During Covid-19

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Tradesmen safety during Covid-19
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Recent months have proven difficult to us all. Covid-19 has changed the way we live, communicate, keep in touch with loved ones as well as in the way we work and conduct business. That time has been marked by change, uncertainty and by a high degree of stress and anxiety.

The construction industry has been impacted in several ways:

  • The supply chain was badly affected at all levels, starting from the factory delays, through logistics, and transport and retail issues. The industry is already experiencing some shortages in availability of materials. Importing from abroad was also met with delays on the boarders.
  • The recent lockdown caused further delays when construction work was put on hold. Finally, when it reopened, some of the workers had to comply with self-isolation rules. All the above resulted in many projects being delayed, payments having to be deferred and some of the businesses shutting their doors.
  • Economic slowdown and challenging market condition have also negatively impacted the construction industry.

Even in those difficult circumstances, there are still things both businesses and tradespeople can do to attract new customers and secure new paying jobs. The most important action you can take today to find tradesmen jobs is to keep an eye on opportunities through an online search as well as your existing networks and colleagues. Other things worth thinking about:

  1. Try to buy materials with longer payment terms. This will help you if you are experiencing cashflow issues.
  2. Try to search for construction jobs in the UK as there are still many projects running across the country, which require your skills and expertise. There are many websites and portals which will help you to match your skills with upcoming and available jobs in your area. One of those websites is Bag a Builder.
  3. You can also try to renegotiate the existing agreements and contracts, if required. For specific enquires and assistance you might have to seek legal advice.
  4. If you are experiencing cashflow issues, and your payments are being delayed, try to escalate the matter, and try to be persistent when following up.

Undoubtedly,Covid-19 has created a challenging situation within the industry. However, there are still things you can do to protect your business and livelihood. The more proactive and positive you are, the higher the chances of you securing your next job.

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