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Security a word which comes in our mind says protection, of us and our loved ones or a family as new modern technology has arrived in the world, we have a device called Camera or a third eye which keeps us secure in our absence or we are away from our home for a vacation, business meeting or anywhere like shopping, church for prayers, restaurant, etc. The camera is the only device that keeps our home with us every time on our electronic devices or gadgets when we are away from our home. Everybody needs their safety and security while they are at home, sleeping, engaged in some work camera is always needed to keep track or an eye of every activity.

Why Home Security Installation is needed?

As we know we have a right to protect our family and ourselves, we need installation of a camera at our property and this is the foremost step which can use from one of the safety measures. We have new modernized hi-tech cameras available in the market with high resolution covering a wide range in your property. In the market, with the best quality cameras installation, you can protect your property with smart features by using internet, recording, high storage, high-resolution capture to keep you stress-free. Nowadays it is very important to install CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) in your property for domestic purpose only camera keep us secure from misshaping in our absence and keep protecting our home under-recording.

Find below the advantages to installing CCTV cameras in our home:-

  1. For Safety and Security purpose.
  2. Reduction of Theft/Break-ins.
  3. Pollution Free Device.
  4. Cost Saving Measures.
  5. Peace of Mind.
  6. Video Documentation.
  7. 24/7 Monitoring.

CCTV Legal Requirement under GDPR

Legally, a homeowner in the UK can install CCTV in their home they have the right to protect themselves and their property, and cameras are the only best device for them to keep protected in their absence or presence, by monitoring their area of the camera installed in the property. GDPR compliances say you are allowed to keep your property protected and can use the camera within your boundaries and premise, you are not allowed to install the camera at your neighbor side or their property.

Let’s show you Do’s and Don’ts under GDPR below:

Do’s Don’ts
Cover your property Don’t Cover your neighbor property.
Use footage for security purpose Don’t record your neighbor.
Keep your footage with your saving devices Not allowed to share any information to third party.
Always show your device is in running sign if On Keep away from your near locality.

Hire CCTV Installer near me with Bag A Builder

Like you are do care of your houses as a homeowner and we take care of you as a team (Bag a Builder) we have perfect certified CCTV installer at your postcode who can immediately provide you best service for installing cameras at your home, simply you just need to put your address postcode and post your job at free as a homeowner and we will show you the list of tradesmen in your area to whom you can get a quote on installing cameras at your home. As we have the top most certified tradesmen for you at any time. Just by one click get all your tradesmen at your doorstep.

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