15 Most Neglected Areas/Items in your Home that Require Cleaning

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With all the dirt and pollution already infiltrating our roads and public places, it’s important that we maintain personal as well as ‘home’ hygiene.

It is not that you don’t clean your house, but, are you sure that every corner of your house is clean? Same with the household items; is everything clean?

If you are not sure about it then you are in the right place. This article will pin-point at those ‘most neglected’ non-living members of your house.

  • Door frames: since they often taller than you, it’s physically not possible to reach them and clean them up.However, this time, make sure that you clean them up. Take ladder, climb up and with a brush slowly dust the door frames. Ask someone to hold the ladder for you.
  • Underside or the backside of appliances: The undersides and back sides accumulate dirt too. So just bend down and clean it up. Or if you have physical problems, ask someone to do it for you. Once every week use antibacterial sprays to keep the germs and bacteria at bay.


  • Baseboards of the house: these collect dirt almost all day. Foot traffic, pets etc. On top of that, they have to deal with the dust from furniture too. Simply use an antibacterial detergent and with a cloth or mop, wipe the baseboards thoroughly. 


  • Remotes: it has to endure the number touches every day. Dirty hands, sweaty hands and so much more. When it comes to remotes, you must clean them everyday. Remove the batteries and wipe the back and front thoroughly. Once a week use anti-bacterial spray.


  • Toothbrush, toothpaste holders: thriving ground for germs and bacteria, this place is often overlooked. However, a quick swipe of your cleaning cloth twice or thrice a week would just work fine. Use soapy water to clean it up. Don’t forget to use the antibacterial spray. 


  • Ceiling fan: A thick layer of dust is often hanging from the blades. That is simply unhygienic. You could call certified cleaners to come and do the cleaning if you are unable to do it on your own. If you want to do it on your own, first climb the ladder and then dust the blades. Next, use a wet cloth to wipe the blades clean. You can use antibacterial spray too.


  • Pillows: pillows are a hot spot for germs. Your hair and face is in direct contact with these pillows so you must be extra careful regarding the pillows. Change your pillow cover after every two days. And wash them or replace them after some time. 


  • Shower curtain: often neglected because they remain close to water. However, if you want to clean them first, along with two towels place it in your washing machine and then add half a cup of baking soda and the regular detergent. Mild wash it and let it dry.


  • Carpet: these things can be difficult to clean. First of all, lift your carpet and clean the bottom. For the carpet itself you could do it yourself, which might not be efficient or hire home cleaning services in London. They’ll take care of the rest. 


  • Mattress: you sleep on it, hence, it’s your responsibility to clean it once every 6 months. Cleaning services usually charge a lot. You can do it yourself. Remove the mattress cover and look for stains. On those stain marks, use hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap then spray over them your regular detergent. With a damp cloth, remove the stains. Go in a circular motion. After this sprinkle the mattress with baking soda. Let it sit for two hours. Hoover the mattress to let the excess fall.


  • Doorknobs: take a cloth and spray it with antibacterial solution and a little of detergent. Rub the knob in a circular motion. 


  • Light switches – use a damp cloth and spray it with antibacterial spray and rub the switches. Make sure you don’t go too inside in order to avoid yourself from getting electrocuted. Always wear rubber sandals while doing so.


  • Containers – food containers or detergent containers, everything is prone to accumulation of dirt. Once a month, empty the containers and wash them with soapy water and let them dry. 


  • Crevices of counters – these accumulate a lot of dirt. Use either a broom end or butter knife depending on the width of the gap. Wrap damp cloth or rubber around them and soak them in soapy water (preferably warm). Clean them up thoroughly.


  • Shower heads – lime scale build-up on the shower head is a common occurrence. You need to soak the shower head in vinegar which undiluted. This will dissolve the lime scale. Rinse it off and scrub the extra bits with an old toothbrush.

Cleaning up home can be boring. Try to make interesting by putting on some music or giving yourself incentives and rewards for achieving the cleanliness goals. Make your decision and stay focused.

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