5 Interior Design Mistakes You Are Probably Making

5 Interior Design Mistakes
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Interior designing is essential for beautification and decoration of your home. Everyone does it but only few execute it perfectly. Interior design and decoration is a daunting task – you need a keen eye for that and deep thinking. Often people go by impulse and buy things that make their home look hilarious. Following are some of the common mistakes that almost everyone makes:


Scaling is one of the most common mistakes. Your home should be like a landscape with different levels. This can be accomplished by choosing furnishings, artworks of different heights. It takes expertise to figure this out. So feel free to take the help of an interior stylist.

Have a plan

Before heading to the showroom – devise a plan. Take proper measurements, think carefully what will suit your room and plan the placements of the furniture. Instead of buying on impulse, invest some quality time into thinking. It will save u a lot of hassle and also money.

Wall art

Homes these days are more like art galleries with unnecessary artworks adorning the wall. The best way to avoid this is to make cut out frames of paper. Stick them in different places and note down the positions which suits the best. This way, you save yourself from buying excess hanging art and you will have no extra nail holes to fill. Enjoy the work. Have some fun while planning and arranging instead of rushing through everything.

Choose fabrics and textiles first

It goes without saying that almost everyone paints first and then buys the fabrics and textiles. This is a huge blunder. First choose your fabrics and textiles – the rugs, curtains, and carpets before you start painting. It is much easier to find a paint that matches your selections than to find fabrics and textiles matching your paint. Also you have the flexibility to change these. You cannot change your paint anytime soon. So take a step back and do the essentials first.

Seek advice and take help

Interior designing is not an easy job. You might think you are great at it but the truth is you are not. The first thing you need to do is find interior designer who is an expert in this field and has done quite a few jobs in the past. It is because even the best make mistakes. So research is very important. Also ask your friends, family and colleagues for ideas. If you want your home to look the best then you have to appoint the best to do the job.

It is all about patience, proper planning and executing the same perfectly. Be innovative, be creative but do not overdo it. Designing mistakes once done are hard to rectify. So it is essential you make all the right moves from the start. If you can work on these common errors, you will have a home that will make everyone jealous.

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