A Comparison between DIY and Professional way of Carpet Clean up

Way of Carpet Clean up
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Carpet is the soft and comfortable floor covering which enhances the look of your home. But at some point of time, it needs proper care to retain back its appearance. It is a magnet for dust, debris, bacteria, and dirt. To get rid of dust and bacteria, you have to clean your carpet at regular intervals.

You as a homeowner have two options for cleaning your carpets i.e. DIY and professional carpet cleaning. The kind of cleaning you choose generally depends on your budget, carpet type and how much dirty your carpet is. Vacuuming is a good option but not for stubborn stingy dirty carpets.

DIY method:

Do it yourself or DIY method is a primary and basic method which can be done by anyone with basic knowledge of carpet cleaning. This process is little time consuming as compared to professional carpet cleaning. In this method, you will do carpet cleaning basically with the help of a vacuum-cleaner. This method is applicable for simple and less dirty carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning:

Professional carpet cleaning is done by skilled cleaners. They will use advanced techniques and products to clean your carpet. This takes less time and provides good results. A professional method is used for old carpets and carpets with stubborn dirt and debris.

Comparison between DIY and professional method

  • Cost for cleaning- For DIY method the cleaning is cost-effective as you need a vacuum cleaner only for the entire process. You buy the vacuum cleaner once but can keep cleaning several times. Professional method is costly as it involves high-quality products and experts for service. Since you get the expert service and use only good products, the cleaning process gets costly.

 Time for cleaning-

  • Time taken for the DIY method is a long one. If you keep yourself engaged with cleaning you have to give few hours from your busy schedule. Moreover, if you take experts help then they will do the cleaning process and you can carry on with your own work while the cleaning is being done. This way a lot of time gets saved.
  • Cleaning results-

    DIY method will give you good results only if the stains are normal and simple. For regular clean up this method is appropriate. But if your carpet is old and has lost appearance, shine and has heavy stains then the professional method is preferred, as these are cleaned with specialised products by the skilled hands.

  • Materials used –

    In DIY method, you can use very simple cleaner or detergent and a vacuum cleaner. For professional cleanup, specialized techniques, machines, and best cleaning agents are used. With the help of the best products, you will attain the best results.


Wrap Up

Carpet Cleaning is necessary. Even if your home is well-maintained, your carpets will suffer from soiling, so they need proper clean-ups. You can choose the appropriate way of cleaning depending upon your requirements. You can take help of the suitable method mentioned above and keep cleaning your carpets easily.

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