Advantages of House Extensions

Advantages of House Extensions
Home Improvement & Decoration

The practice of House extension is coming into the limelight in the recent years. Whereas buying a new house poses a lot of difficulties, extending your own house nullifies those problems providing you with a better alternative.

With the growth of a family, they require a greater space for their activities. With house extension, this can be attained without any complications. This article states the advantages of different house extension ideas over going to a new house.

Reasons to opt for house extension

  1. Easy on the pocket– While buying a new house requires taking a mortgage, extending your house will save you from doing so. With a few permissions, one can easily go forward for a house extension without pouring in a lot. Effectively, the house extension cost is much lesser. This saves you from financial debts and liabilities.
  1. Flexible Timings– House extension is a very flexible process. Without any outside interference, one can easily carry on with the construction at their own pace. All that one has to do is find local tradesman in London to do the job. Buying a new house doesn’t come with this comfort. They are either behind construction or there is some litigation.
  1. Creative freedom– One of the most important aspects of house extension is the additional benefit of creative freedom. You get to design your house as you like it according to your own requirements. This pro is a prime reason many heads towards house extension rather than buying a new house where you get served with a pre-existing design and plan.
  1. Minimum change– Another thing that bothers people while buying a house at a new place is the change in the House extension practically comes with this advantage that there is no change in location.This provides the security of the location you have always known without a change in neighbors.
  1. Increased value of your house-Extending your house would never depreciate its value. Rather, it will hit an up in the real estate market. This will surely provide you benefits upon your investments.
  1. Saving yourself from legalities– House extension comes with the pro that it doesn’t require the owner to waste his time in legalities that come with buying a new house. Also, being debt free, which would not have been the case if buying a new house, is a big yes.
  1. Lesser Requirement of professional expertise– House extension only requires local tradesman in London who can help you build your house as opposed to buying a new house, where you would require a lawyer, a broker and other professionals for which you have to pay a hefty amount.
  1. Superior end product– It goes without saying that the end product of house extension comes along beautifully without much tension, like that caused while buying a new place. With the increased depreciation in the economy, buying a new place comes with a lot of financial troubles, which are absent if you prefer house extension.

The crux of this article is that house extension is a better idea in regards to getting some more space.

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