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Hot Water Extraction
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Human beings are the most intelligent species in the world. Well, that is per record. Humans made every amendment possible to make their lives more comfortable, starting from radio to televisions, huts to buildings and so much more.

You must be thinking, how is this relevant to hot water extraction? Well, isn’t this an invention that makes your life easier too? Firstly, upholstery items and specialty carpets require cleaning on a regular basis. Secondly, to do them manually is extremely difficult and tiresome. So, why not use the HWE method instead? If you search for ‘carpet cleaning near me’ you will come across many centres that provide the HWE cleaning.

Here is all that you need to know about hot water extraction.

What is the methodology?

Before you get to know about the step by step procedure that is followed by a technician in carpet cleaning services, you might want to know what it does in a nutshell.

The question is, what is the meaning of hot water extraction and how does it work? The meaning is simple; a jet of hot water under extremely high pressure is injected into the stained fabric. This hot jet of water does the cleaning along with the force of the stream.

People often use the terms ‘steam cleaning’ and ‘hot water extraction’ interchangeably. However, that is only partly correct. Some steam is surely released during the end part of the procedure, but, the hot water jet is the hero here.

  • First of all, eco-friendly and child safe detergent is mixed with the water and heated in the equipment’s compartment.
  • Next, the spots are marked and the heated mixture is injected onto the spots under high pressure. The dirt particles get dislodged from the material.
  • After this, chemical softeners and degreasers are used in order to soften the fabric and get rid of grease.
  • Lastly, up to 95 percent of the water along with all the grime is sucked back by the machine under high pressure.

What are the benefits?

  • It not only cleans your upholstery but refreshes them at the same time. This means, your carpet and other household items stay cleaner and fresher for a longer period of time.
  • The use of the detergent is almost negligible. Moreover, the quality of detergent used is excellent and eco-friendly. Also, the detergent will cause no harm to your children or pets.
  • The proportion of water is more. Basically, it’s water only. This immediately reduces risks related to asthma or allergy patients.
  • Since the proportion of detergent is near negligible, there is no chemical residue.
  • Deep cleaning. This procedure cleans the items from within forcing out all those stubborn dirt particles and stains.

What are the alternatives?

The other alternatives include steam cleaning services and dry cleaning services.

  1. Steam cleaning is used to disinfect the fibres of the material as well as get rid of the persistent odour that often gets on your nerves. The method involves boiling the water and using the steam to penetrate the fibres.However, this method is not practical enough as it has certain limitations, like; it is not that suitable for carpets which are made of natural materials.
  2. The other alternative is dry cleaning. In this method, a machine with two brushes is used. The brushes spin counter-clockwise and serve different purposes – the first brush agitates the carpet’s fibres, while the other rubs in the powder in. This process too has limitations as it is not efficient as HWE and the service is quite costly.

The choice is always yours. However, these days it is better to choose the most efficient option. HWE has is beneficial as well as cost-effective.

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