Are Wooden Shutters Better Than Blinds?

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Shutter or Blind if we have to choose then we get confused because both are good at different aspects and many times we get confused about so many options available in a market for window dressing style to determine which one is best for your home. It has been observed that we choose the best option for our house when it comes to decorating the interior. If there is a choice between wooden window shutters and Blinds it comes usually on budget and décor style the shape of the window and its measurement.


The different styles of blinds are available in the market like Roller blind, Roman blind, and Honeycomb blind, Venetian blind, Vertical Blind, Mini, and Micro blind, etc., Blinds can easily tilt from side to side by which you can control amount of light in your house it can be adjusted up and down a rod located on their side of the blind which controls the tilt of the blind, allowing you to open the slats, or close them.

Vertical Blinds: 

Vertical Blinds have an individual slab that works along a track at the of the blind. On different styles, vertical blinds either open side to side or by parting in the middle. These vertical blinds can be still used in smaller window sizes as well.

Wooden Shutter:

This is research where it is strongly recommended to use shutters, but we know shutters aren’t for everyone the shutters can offer you different modes of privacy and light control undoubtedly the most stylish, new and long-lasting solutions for homeowners.

Interior Shutters are also called Plantation shutters, these are perfect option to update which add the value and improve your home from both inside and outside these can give a better presentation to your home. 

Shutter vs. Blind?

Control of Light and privacy

  1. Shutters are designed like in that manner which helps you provide an extended level of light control and privacy.
  2. Blinds are not that much work it can only get open, closed or tilted at an angle.

Best Apt

Shutters with best adjustable system custom-built to millimeter which can be easily installed, whether a window is small, rectangular, long with the height or hexagonal shape, unlike surface the window shutters are custom fitted exactly with the size.

Most Adequate

Shutters are good for insulation they are custom built and can be fit into a window the frame are fixed into the window shows, and the panels are hung from the frame.

Blinds also work in a similar way like shutters but if windows are open and there’s a breeze, blinds are going to move around.

Qualifying areas of Shutter is:

  1. Easy to Clean
  2. Child-Friendly
  3. Most Durable
  4. Pet-Friendly
  5. Most Stylish

Window Shutter Installer Near Me

Bag a Builder serve you with the professional shutter, blinds installers near your postcode, you can easily post your requirement on Bag a Builder without any cost. We will give you the list of perfect tradesmen in your area by which you can request a quote for your job from then and without any hard work you can hire a shutter installer for you.   

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