Are you Ready for the Next Gen Hi-Tech Bricklaying?

Are you Ready for the Next Gen Hi-Tech Bricklaying?
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All of us are extremely familiar with the picture of humans working hard for the whole day laying bricks at a construction site. Any type of construction activity is incomplete without bricklaying as bricks serve as the very foundation of all categories of construction activities across the world. With the gradual advancement of science and technology, bricklaying has entered in a tech-savvy arena where robots are laying bricks.

Instead, robots have come into the market to do the job. But the question that now crops up is that how good is the idea of robot bricklaying? Can there exist any kind of competition between humans and robots which would decide who is the more efficient bricklayer?

Any kind of scientific invention and discovery should never be accepted just like this. There should be sufficient debate and discussion before the discovery becomes accepted and applicable by the general public. So, let us now delve deep into the matter of robot bricklaying and discuss a few salient features of the concept:

  • Inclement weather: in case of any kind of construction activity, the weather plays a very crucial role. Many a times it has been observed that a number of construction workers have lost their lives or have met with life-threatening accidents due to harsh weather conditions. If robots are being used for bricklaying instead of human beings then this case would never occur. Robots would be able to work in bad weather conditions without the danger of any kind of accidents. However, years of programming and research has proved that robots are efficient bricklayers only when the weather conditions are good.

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  • Humans Versus robots: whenever you are putting this question on the table that who are better in bricklaying, humans or robots? The answer would definitely be a dicey one. This is because with robots, you can do anything in a planned way. If you own a construction robot, you would be able to get every single data over your phone as to when the brick was laid; the temperature, the humidity and every minute detail would be available to you. However, you need to remember that a robot knows only how to lay a brick in a straight line. This means that in case there arises any kind of circumstantial emergency where human intervention is needed, the robot would never be able to perform. This is because a robot does only that much of work that has been planned and the data has been fed into him. So, human intervention is needed. Robots cannot perform alone.

Indeed it is a fact that must be acknowledged that the use of robots in many spheres of human lives has increased the pace of work and has also improved the efficiency. This is true even in case of bricklaying as well. But without hsumans, robots are non- functional. Human intervention is a must in case of circumstantial emergency. We must keep all these in mind before voting entirely for robots.

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