What Qualities Make a Good Construction Worker?

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Construction is one of the most profound frontiers of human activity, so much that since the construction of the ancient Egyptian pyramids and ancient palaces it has still not lost its relevance. After all, no matter how much the world has changed over the millennia, people still need houses, factories, and architectural monuments. All this is created by the hands of builders.

A builder is a specialist who takes part in the construction of buildings and structures, including hydraulic structures, power plants, and other facilities. All specialties in construction can be divided into two groups: engineers and performers. The first group includes people with higher technical education who are involved in management and design. Performers carry out instructions from the management.

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The key role in the construction of buildings is played by engineers. Together with the architect, they take part in the creation of structural projects, as well as the organisation and creation of work by other employees. The second group includes representatives of the construction profession, who work with their hands and equipment on the construction site such as crane operators, bricklayers, painters, plasterers, and so on. To work in one of these areas, it is necessary to receive construction qualifications: such as CSCS cards, NVQ’s and CITB’s.


Construction is a long and complicated process. At each stage, specialists work in a certain direction and represent a distinct set of skills, competencies, and technical experience.

To master the profession of civil engineer, you must have a wide range of knowledge and skills in other areas. For example, an engineer must be familiar with surveying, design, building codes, and health and safety standards. Some of the important qualities are responsibility, patience, attentiveness, and the ability to stay focused, including:

  • Collection of information, research of the territory on which construction is planned.
  • Development of construction and reconstruction projects.
  • Control over the performance of work and the compliance of the documentation and standards.
  • Search for the most suitable materials, technologies, and special equipment to perform construction tasks.
  • Debugging and tuning of construction machinery and equipment.
  • Construction expertise, implementation of delivery, and acceptance of the object.

Contractors are workers who include a diverse range of construction specialties:

  • A surveyor, together with a civil engineer, examines the terrain and territory on which construction will take place, checks the condition and degree of deterioration of buildings.
  • Bulldozer operator levels the area for construction.
  • The excavator excavates the pit for the subsequent creation of the foundation.
  • Concrete and reinforcement workers are responsible for the installation of the supporting structures.
  • The crane operator operates a crane, lifts heavy loads, performs high-altitude work.
  • The bricklayer is responsible for laying out the bricks, working with the large wall blocks that are the foundation of the building.
  • Interior decoration specialists: painters, plasterers, tilers – are engaged in interior and exterior decoration of premises.
  • The landscape architect equips the area around the new building.
  • The supervisor controls the timing and quality of execution and maintains the consumption of materials.

Professional skills a builder should know:

  • How to use professional tools.
  • How to use the equipment correctly.
  • Construction technologies.
  • Safety measures.

A good specialist has the following personal qualities:

  • Physical strength
  • Endurance
  • Good vision
  • flexibility and mobility
  • Good coordination
  • Accuracy

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