Become a Smart Builder with Green Building Strategies

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Become a Smart Builder with Green Building Strategies
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Over the last 150 years we’ve increasingly become an urbanised society.  Great swathes of the population have migrated from the countryside into cities bringing with it a unique and unprecedented set of challenges. Urbanisation is part of the progress of human civilization. With the rapid urbanisation, came increased construction activities with land becoming a scarce and increasingly valuable commodity. Environmental issues, town planning and infrastructure projects becoming increasingly important to the well being of society.

With this new increased awareness and responsibility we learnt to take care of the eco-system. Every aspect of industrialisation and urbanisation are now subject to greener alternatives and governments are now legislating to protect the environment for future generations.  Construction is vital to any economy with the construction of buildings something that cannot be avoided.  Many construction companies have become smarter and adopt greener strategies to win new contracts and tenders.

Construction companies are now adopting greener plans and  policies which includes the following :

  • Design smartly: the very beginning of construction is the laying out of the design of the building. The construction companies should be smart enough to design appropriately. One must remember that smaller buildings are more eco-friendly and indeed cheaper to maintain. The designers and architects should aim at the adequate utilisation of the space available and be innovative in their approach.
  • Strategic placement of windows: this is yet another very important aspect of construction management. Strategically placed windows would allow a significant amount of sunlight to enter the rooms thereby saving on electricity during the daytime. The builders should take the help of the latest technologies that aid by guiding you to plan for the placement of windows.
  • Durability and lifespan of the materials matters: almost all the construction companies UK have started to decide the materials of the buildings on the basis of their durability and lifespan. Durable materials are always a better option when you are constructing buildings. The building should be subjected to refurbishment and renovation in order to make the construction long lasting.
  • Be wise to invest in proper insulation: the construction management should be judicious to invest in proper insulation. A good insulation would keep the area cool in the hotter months and warm in the cooler months. This would help in saving the electricity that would have been required in maintaining the appropriate temperature of the house.
  • Installation of water saving fixtures: this feature is something that can be easily achieved in the construction of any building. The installation of water saving fixtures would help save the precious water thereby helping in the much-needed water conservation in a big way. 


  • More use of sustainable, biodegradable and recycled materials: the construction process should involve sustainable and biodegradable materials wherever possible. The construction companies UK have started to use recycled lumber, plastic and glasses as a greener alternative to buying new ones.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, adapting geothermal heating solutions could also become a good technique in the construction of buildings. With a little smartness and positive will, even the process of construction could become a green act.

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