Can a Professional Email get you More Work as a Tradesman?

Can a Professional Email get you More Work as a Tradesman?
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With the forward marching of civilization, where we stand amidst the digital age, a tradesman should familiarise themselves with the use of technology. You can use your laptop, phones or tablets at home to automate regular tasks to save yourself some valuable time and energy. Emails are a prevalent mode of communication among business professionals. Hence, professional emails need to be properly structured and its nuances need thorough analysis for proper results. Email marketing is a cost-effective method of increasing your productivity to let customers past and present know the services you offer. The best tradesman jobs will require you to increase your productivity as much as possible.

Who are these tradesmen?

These people are those who may not have a bachelor’s degree but specialises in an occupation that requires experience, training and often vocational education.

Some tradesman jobs include:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Plasterers
  • Bricklayers
  • Logsmiths
  • Roofers

Professional emails can help a tradesman in the following ways-

 Using a professional address is particularly beneficial to overcome various limitations: 

  • It can save you a lot of time– doing your work from home saves the hassle of channelling your time into daily commute and also saves you a lot of effort as well!
  • It can save you some money- Emails doesn’t require any fee, so using it to improve your productivity is definitely fruitful. 
  • New opportunities may be knocking at the door- Emails are a great way of keeping yourself in loop with the business trends and available jobs and so on. This will allow you to promote yourself or even get yourself better jobs! 
  • It can help you solve problems- Professional emails will allow you to seek advice from your colleagues or experts in your field without burdening yourself with extra paperwork.
  • Managing your business- Emails will help you keep track of your work schedule among other things so that you don’t get lost among a pile of work! It can also be used to set reminders when integrated with other software. 
  • Promoting your company– it acts as a uniform of professionalism which will help you gather recognition.
  • Increased productivity- along with other software, you can be ahead and reach your business contacts by having a real-time communication and awareness of the availability of your contacts.
  • Managing your growth- Business email hosting services allow you to manage new email addresses of your staff offering flexibility.


With the rise of smartphones and software which allow you to text without any hassle, emails have taken a step backward. However, in business, emails still play a pivotal role. It is important to note that through emails it is difficult to get yourself noticed given the crazy inflow of emails. Hence, the need for proper structures of your email such that it piques the interest of the receiver.


It is now obvious how professional emails can be a life saver and can provide you with the best tradesman jobs London. It’s a very cost effective way of enhancing your productivity and earnings!

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