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According to the Wikipedia, a plumber is a qualified specialist who carries out the installation and dismantling of plumbing fixtures, their repairs and much more related to communications in residential and non-residential premises. 

Advantages of a plumber 

The advantages of being a plumber include many job opportunities (especially for highly qualified and versatile specialists), high salary (the average salary of a plumber in the UK today is about 30 thousand pounds, and this is not counting the financial “gratitude” of customers, the total amount of which can be several times higher than official salary). Among the working professions, it is the plumber that occupies a leading position amongst tradesmen.  

The demand for plumbers opens great opportunities for specialists in this field to create their own company (team) for the installation and maintenance of heat, water, gas, and sewerage. Many well-known installation bureaus began their history of development precisely with small plumbing crews. 

The undoubted advantage of this profession can also be considered useful skills acquired in the course of work. The fact is that modern plumbers are, as a rule, jack of all trades who can not only install a sink, lay sewer pipes, or clear a blockage in sewer pipes, but also tile the walls, conduct ventilation, and level the floor of buildings. 

Who is the profession suitable for? 

Work related to the provision of plumbing services is physically costly and requires increased attention. Therefore, a person who decides to come to this profession must have a set of the following qualities: 

  • Be in good health and in excellent physical shape; 
  • Do not be afraid of physical labor; 
  • Do not feel disgust to work in “unsanitary” conditions; 
  • Be sociable and polite; 
  • Understand your responsibility. 

How to become a plumber ?

To become a professional plumber, it is necessary to undergo training in a vocational school, where experienced teachers will give the necessary up-to-date knowledge, as well as teach in practical lessons all the intricacies of this difficult and responsible work. 

A young specialist will be admitted to independent work only after a certain period of work under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Only after that, the newly made plumber can start work without the strict supervision of the manager. 

The internet has an unlimited amount of information 

An interesting factor that many plumbers are not aware of – is that there are many channels on YouTube that go into detail about everything plumbing related. It is quite common that plumbing companies and manufacturers in London are filming videos to promote their social media presence. It may seem childish at first, but everything there is designed for professionals, and for an ordinary person there will be many incomprehensible things. Firstly, this is an advertisement, and secondly, you can record a video and then use it so as not to tell the same thing about your work to different clients. 

Where to find a good plumber in London?

Bag a Builder lists a variety of plumbers that are experts in a specific field of plumbing. Some are experts in bathroom installations, some are professionals in drainage systems. If you are currently struggling with anything water related in our house or work, then get in touch with our team right away. 

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