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Today we will talk about how to properly lay the floors in an apartment with your own hands. This is not a tricky matter, but when faced with this problem, you must think about how to do it right, what preparation to do, what materials to choose. Thus, I decided that this article would be useful to someone, and I devote my efforts to this subject. In it, I will answer several questions that will arise immediately before How to properly lay the floors in an apartment with your own hands, and some even after that.

The quality of installing a wooden floor on logs depends on the correct formation of the base, the selection and processing of suitable materials, compliance with the instructions and the order of work. Successfully and tastefully made floor will delight owners with comfort and reliability.

Installing wooden floors

Wooden floors. Beams are rarely produced completely even, so it is difficult to achieve a strictly horizontal surface during lagging. For ease of installation, they can be attached to the beams from the side. When fixing the supports in this way, there is no need to use a special lining that regulates the height of the log. The lags are fixed with incomplete screws with a length exceeding the cross-section of the bars by more than 2-2.5 times, and with a diameter of 6 mm.

Installing concrete floors

To lay logs on concrete floors, you need to know the design features of the floor mounted in this way. To exclude dampness of the floor, you need to make a full waterproofing. At the next stage, the insulation is laid, and, if necessary, the soundproofing material. The insulation layers are terminated with a floating cement screed. On top of the concrete floor, logs are placed, which serve as the basis for the final floor covering. Boards should be more than 2 m long. If the logs are shorter than required to completely cover the base, you need to join them with their ends. When connecting the lags, you need to pay attention so that the location of adjacent joints differs from the joints of neighboring bars by at least 50 cm.

What materials do you need for floor installation?

For the lag, a rectangular section of the bar is used. The height should be two to one and a half times the width. This type of cross-section provides maximum ability to withstand heavy loads.

The most reliable material is oak. It is possible to perform flooring not only in a residential area, but also in a production facility. Floorboards can be made from inexpensive wood only in those rooms where the floor will not have to withstand regular, constant loads, since the wood is quite soft. Traces of any mechanical damage may remain on such a tree. The type of wood must be selected considering the floor covering and its purpose. The highest grade is purchased when it is planned to leave the natural-looking floor covering. For lacquer coatings, it is desirable to purchase a first-grade material. When painting, you can give preference to wood of the second grade. To create reliable floors, wood of 2 or 3 grades with an approximate moisture content of 20% is usually sufficient.

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