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A plumber is a person who installs and repairs water supply lines, waste disposal systems and fixtures to ensure smooth functioning of households and business organizations. It is quite a complicated task in choosing and locating a reliable plumber in a particular place. However, you have to make sure that they deliver quality work. We at Bag a Builder would assist the homeowners in finding the best plumbers near you who are certified and have gained years of experience possessing a CSCS card.

Types of plumbers

There are three major types of plumbers, which are as follows:

  • Commercial plumbers:-

Commercial plumbers are trained professionals who have gained years of experience in huge plumbing systems such as educational institutions, large shopping malls, and health care centers, which are interconnected to huge industrial equipment. They are also responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of pipes in commercial and residential complexes. The fact is that those plumbers who are undertaking commercial tasks may not possess relevant training and experience to carry out activities in residential areas.

One of the major differences between commercial and residential plumber is the number of pipes and outlets. In a residential plumbing job, plumbers have to deal with only a few pipes and outlets. On the contrary, a commercial plumbing job involves a considerable amount of sinks and toilets.

  • Residential Plumbers:-

Residential Plumbers as the name indicates focuses on various residential activities like brand new constructions and extra additions to properties. They have gained expertise in the installation of pipe systems in residential areas and at the same time, they lack experience and training to undertake commercial jobs. In general, commercial plumbers require a greater degree of knowledge that residential plumbers do not possess.

Plumbers are essential to ensure water and toilets are functioning appropriately. Experts suggest calling upon plumbers to monitor the condition of the plumbing system on an annual basis.

  • Service and Repair Plumbers:-

Service and Repair Plumber is a type of plumber who has possessed technical training and gained years of experience in troubleshooting. They accept the task by directly working with clients, which is not applicable in the case of commercial and residential plumbers.

Responsibilities of a Plumber

A plumber is a person who provides local plumbing services in London such as installation, maintenance, replacement and repair of damaged pipes as well as fixtures that are linked with heating, sanitation systems, and distribution of water at residential and commercial buildings. They are also responsible for fixing various domestic appliances like gas cookers, dishwashers. Moreover, they examine the drainage system along with plumbing systems to ensure it complies with the local and national regulations.

  • Elucidate blueprints as well as structure specifications to map layout for drainage systems, pipes, and various plumbing materials.
  • They install pipes and fixtures such as toilets, sinks for gas, air, steam, and water
  • Placing supports for equipment, fixtures, and piper before the installation process.
  • Make necessary adjustments to the length of pipes, fixtures and plumbing materials, which is required for the building.
  • They install heating and air conditioning systems like water heaters.

Risk Factor

As you are aware of the fact, that plumbing is not a simple task as it involves adequate skills and techniques. A certified plumber is familiar with the significance of safety at the worksites and aims towards minimizing the risks.

  • Vulnerable to hazardous materials:-

One of the major factors behind the cause of various ailments is due to constant exposure to hazardous materials like lead, asbestos, solvents, adhesives. Highly trained plumbers are well aware of the precautions to be taken while dealing with such types of materials.

  • Prone to infectious diseases:-

Plumbers often work in a diverse range of settings, out of which some might contain the potential infection from bird and rodent droppings thereby causing diseases like his histoplasmosis, psittacosis, and Hantavirus. As a result, plumbers should pay close attention to such type of settings to prevent ailments.

  • Enhances the risk of musculoskeletal injuries:-

Plumbers have to maintain a steady position especially while carrying out cumbersome manual jobs thereby maximizing the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

What Bag a Builder does?

By doing so, you could save a considerable amount of time and money since this portal assists you in locating a reliable plumber that caters to your needs and expectations. Bag a Builder is indeed one of the top portals that allow you to establish contact with plumber through messaging or email.

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