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There are various types of techniques used to heat the internal environment of the houses. The economic ones such as the underfloor heating system or the infrared heating system are outsmarting the central heating techniques…

What is underfloor heating (UFH)?

The underfloor heating is a modern technique where the heating solution is provided installing central heating radiators.

  • It is a better choice than the central heating techniques as it consumes less energy to heat up the internal environment of the rooms. The requirement depends totally on the construction of the floor. The efficient plumbing and heating services offer an excellent insight into this particular case.
  • It is the popular choice for the bathrooms. Your feet will remain warm in the chilly days of winter.
  • The underfloor heating can be either wet or dry. The system can either pump hot water through the pipes underneath the floor or generate heat via electric coils installed.

What is infrared heating (IRH)?

An infrared heating system, on the other hand, uses a technology where heat is radiated in the form of infrared radiation. The surrounding is heated by the system and convection current is generated inside the home. The current eventually warms the entire house. The heat is properly circulated inside the house as the heated bodies radiate heat back.

The use of infrared radiation and convection efficiently heat up the environment inside the rooms. It is more energy efficient than the other techniques used.

Infrared versus underfloor heating

The services for plumbing and heating near me offer the best options regarding the choice of the heating system one needs these days. They educate the homeowners about the available options and the suitable ones for their house. It becomes a lot easier to decide which option to go with.

Here is the comparison between infrared and underfloor heating.

  • Infrared heating (IRH) is much cheaper than the underfloor heating (UFH) infrastructure. The former is easier to install and upgrade. IRH uses a lower wattage system that consumes half the energy consumed by a modern UFH system.
  • IRH does not require a high amount of heat as the internal heating occurs via radiation and convection. The heated objects radiate heat back to the other objects to keep them warm whereas, in UFH, the heating is only available only under the floor. Moreover, heat is also not lost via draughts.
  • The IRH system can easily target heat towards a particular direction. It is not possible with UFH system.
  • The internal environment will not seem stuffy or congested with IRH. In fact, the heat can penetrate walls and other significant surfaces to keep the entire room warm.
  • IRH requires less or no maintenance in comparison to UFH.

The plumbing and heating companies offer the best solutions in this aspect. Once you learn more about the available solutions from them, you can easily decide the best one for you. Get the best heating system and spend the wintery days comfortably. To do so, consult the experts and install the most suitable option.

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