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With the advancement in the technology, it is now easier to find a medium to generate a renewable source of energy for residential purposes. It is easier to install the smaller units meant for homes with the help of the home contractors. You need to know which renewable option will be perfect for your home.

Solar versus Wind energy

Both the renewable energy is beneficial for all types of residences. Solar energy is common in terms of installation and usability. You will be surprised to know that you can now tame the wind power too. Here is the perfect comparison of both renewable sources for your home.

1. Installing the energy equipment

The solar panels can be easily installed. You can also coordinate the home builders regarding the position of solar panels. The installation is done way faster than wind turbines. In the case of wind turbines, you will have to go by the laws and check whether there is any violation or not. It takes more time to install the turbines too.

2. Type of infrastructure

You might have seen the home building companies installing solar panels and modules to the residential homes. In terms of equipment, solar energy can be gathered using modules and panels set on the roof, garden, or any surface where sunlight is abundant. All you need is to figure out the maximum exposure to install the panels. There is no need of any site survey from the service provider. Wind energy requires a substantial provision for framework, foundation, and equipment. The equipment is normally one to two feet in diameter. The blades should be installed at a height more than 10 meters to avail sufficient and unhindered wind power can be availed. The installation of such equipment needs a lot of space where as the solar panel can be easily set on the rooftops.

3. Budget

The equipment and installation charges of both the renewable energy will cost almost the same. After the installation is done, a turbine will need more maintenance than a solar panel. The generation of energy in solar panels will be higher as the majority of the domestic areas enjoy sunny days rather than windy days. In fact, the damage to the wind turbines is higher when the stormy season approaches.

4. Noise

The wind energy infrastructure can be noisy whereas the solar panels are absolutely noiseless. You and your neighbors can reside peacefully with the installation of solar panels.

5. Feasibility

As mentioned earlier, a residence normally enjoys more sunny days than windy ones. When you consider the usability and practicality, the solar panels will be better than the wind energy turbines. The solar panels will quickly pay their expenses.

The geographical location also plays an important role in deciding which renewable energy to be chosen for the household purpose. If you stay in a coastal area then the wind turbines are the ideal ones to install. If you are closer to the tropical zone then expect a lot of sunny days and install a solar panel. It is better to hire a house builder to get a proper idea of the provisions and get them installed.

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