Constructing a House: Small Houses vs. Large Houses

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Constructing a House
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A house is a place where a number of people live together comfortably as a family. The choice of a right house is an important factor for their well-being. While constructing a house, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the size of the house. The size of a house can be looked at from different angles. It can be in terms of area, vertical height and also according to the economic point of view. There is a wide variety of houses across the globe which can broadly be classified into two groups-large houses and small houses.

Here are some points which you should keep in mind while constructing a house as a residential builder:

Small houses

Small houses are the ones built in lesser than 2000 sq. ft area when expressed in terms of ground coverage. They are the ones suitable for nuclear families. This category includes one-storey house, cottage, bungalow, townhouses and various others.

  • Advantages of building small houses

  1. As for residential builders, small houses are low budget projects. You should very clearly explain the expenses to your client and understand his economic viewpoints while planning the budget.
  2. These constructions consume lesser time. Hence, you can take up more such projects at a time.
  3. You even need lesser labourers and raw materials in these ventures. You will have to incur less labour charges.
  • Disadvantages of building small houses

  1. You should deal wisely with suppliers and maintain transparency regarding business exchanges.
  2. The chances of loss are always there like any other business.
  3. Availability of skilled labourers is a prime factor here. You should supervise their work time to time.

Large houses

These are the ones built on greater plots covering an area of 2000 to 5000 sq. ft approx. With progressing urbanization, large houses are the prime demand of people that too from some recommended home builders. Hence is the increased number of constructions of skyscrapers, complexes, multi-storeys and so on.

  • Advantages of building large houses

  1. These are big budget projects. Hence there are chances of lumpsum profit.
  2. The workload is distributed to several units. Availability of emergency back-ups is more.
  3. Employment of a large number of skilled labourers will help you to conduct your work in a synchronised manner.
  4. The repetitive fashion and same basic designing promote faster and easier working, thus increasing its efficiency.
  5. You can also use modular construction techniques if you have a systemic setup.
  • Disadvantages of building large houses

  1. Since big budget projects are strictly monitored by the concerned group of authorities, the slightest mistake or disloyalty from your part may lead to cancellation of your contract.
  2. You will have to face a lot of competitors while passing the quotation of the work.
  3. You will need a greater number of labourers; hence the total amount of labour charges will also be on the higher side.

You should maintain your quality of work and use proper construction methods, hence ensuring proper standards for your service. Residential builders London concentrates on constructing both small and large houses, giving proper service to their clients, thereby flourishing in their business.

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