DIY Guide: How To Wallpaper Your Walls for a Perfect Interior

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Walls for a Perfect Interior
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A proper choice of wallpaper can make your room look warmer, bigger and brighter. It is one of the easiest ways and cost effective ways of renovating the walls inside your house as it does not involve heavy expenses, planning or time. The entire makeover can cost you less than painting your walls…

How to choose the best color and pattern?
  • Choose a color that sets the mood in the right direction. The proper choice will make your ceiling look higher and provide a perfect background where you can install your preferred decorative items.
  • Go for softer colors to make your room brighter and look fresh. If you are inexperienced in this aspect, you can always find a tradesman in your area to get the job done without any hassle.
  • Choose the best pattern that pairs well with the internal lighting. You can either choose soft colors to increase the glow. You can also go for the warmer colors such as red, orange, yellow, etc. to impart a welcoming effect. People will feel warm inside the rooms when you choose the warmer colors.
  • Colors like green, purple, or blue shift the focus on the roof and make a room look bigger. It is ideal for the smaller room.
DIY wallpapering guide

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The tools you will need to come up with a fruitful wallpapering venture are:

  • Tape for measurement
  • Scissors
  • Cutter and extra blades
  • Wallpaper primer
  • Sanding paper or pad
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Roller for the application of paste
  • A large table

Step 1

Clean the walls and ensure that they are smooth enough to hold the wallpapers without creating bubbles. Use the wallpaper primer for sizing the walls. Apply an even coat to make the walls ready for the wallpapers.

Step 2

The next step is cut the wallpaper into strips to cover the walls. Leave few inches extra at the top and bottom so that you can trim down the extra edges without ruining the finish. After the first piece is cut, make sure that the next pieces match with the corresponding one. If necessary, you have to cut few inches extra to match the pattern. You can also seek recommended tradesmen to get more insights or help you with the wallpaper cutting and pasting. Use the measuring tape to cut skinnier strips to fit the corners and edges.

Step 3

You can either buy a self-adhesive paper or go with a un-pasted design. For the un-pasted one, you will have to apply the paste using a roller. Ensure that you are not creasing the paper. This process is also known as ‘booking’. The paste will need time to settle.

Step 4

Remove any electrical outlet or covers of the switches. Stick the wallpaper starting from a top end of the wall. Leave a few inches so that you can trim it for a perfect finish. Press the wallpaper with your arms to the wall. Cut the extra paper from the edges to fit.

If the job is overwhelming for you, you can hire the tradesmen for London to get the job done without any hassle. All you have to do is to choose the right design of the wallpaper. The rest will be done by the tradesmen in no time.

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