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Home extension can be a cost effective way of adding that much needed space in your home. Before undertaking any home extension there are very many factors that need to be considered. Seeing the end result of an extension can be very rewarding. However, if things are not planned properly then things can end on a bad note. Let me share a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to home extensions and these can really save you a lot of hassle and stress:


  • Get planning permission from the council: This is important as the last thing you want is to demolish the new construction for lack of permission or violating certain building rules. This is a must when planning an extension.
  • Consider the financial aspects: It is very important that you have sufficient funds in order to get the extension completed. Also in your budget always keep a little extra, just in case any unexpected costs come in so there is no shock and things can run smoothly.
  • Consider the weather: It is important to try to get the exterior of the extension to be built in good time, before weather gets bad. The interior can get completed in any weather conditions as long as the shell is built.
  • Do your research: It is essential to research the market and compare prices. It is important to have certified and reputable people to do the job. Should you ignore it, you may have to deal with structural or cosmetic issues soon after the build.
  • Window selection: It is important to choose windows that go well with the rest of the exterior of your house. Also choosing the correct location for the windows is equally vital to ensure that the room gets enough natural light – neither more nor less than what is required. 


  • Don’t forget to get the contract from your contractors: Remember, although you may feel that word of mouth is enough, it is essential to get everything in writing. You have to have some admissible proof to defend you in case you get into some legal tangle.
  • Don’t let your finances get out of hand: Stick to your budget and try not to make any major changes last minute. This can send the budget spiralling up and you’ll never end up satisfied with the work either.
  • Don’t pay for work in advance: No need to be the nice guy here! The market is full of unreliable builders notorious for delays and carelessness. What if they decide to dump you after getting paid?
  • Don’t go for the cheapest in town: Although this may sound like an irresistible choice, avoid it. The truth is you get what you pay for! Choose a builder with good ratings or positive references.
  • Don’t rush things: Although you may be excited to get a new addition to your house, rushing can actually make you forget important details. And this can cause problems in the long run. I am sure you don’t want this.

Though there are many home developers around, I suggest you to choose the right one for your job. Having trouble finding them? No worries there! At Bag a Builder, we take pride in finding you the best home builders in the UK.

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