Electric Boilers vs. Gas Boilers- Which one to Choose!

Electric Boilers vs. Gas Boilers- Which one to Choose!
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The first thing that comes in the mind when one intends to install a boiler is whether to go for an electric boiler or a gas boiler. Although this problem has been addressed before, people find themselves still confused about what to opt for. While gas boilers are more conventional, electric boilers come with their own perks hence providing some additional features.

This article will help you with your confusion about what kind of boiler to choose for your home.

Points to be noted before choosing a boiler

Here, a few points are taken into consideration and comparisons are made in between a gas boiler and an electric boiler.

  1. Requirements: Based on your requirement, you can either choose any of the boilers. If you want to install a boiler for long-term use, it is advisable that you opt for a gas boiler. Gas boilers tend to last longer without any issues and statistically pose fewer problems as compared to an electric boiler. Electric boilers are preferred when the user intends to heat at smaller places like the bathroom or the kitchen and not get into the cumbersome process of installing a unit for the whole house. You can hire a gas boiler service to install your boilers.
  1. Budget: Another great concern that comes into play while thinking of installing a heater is the budget. Gas boilers have a greater upfront cost as compared to electric boilers. But if someone is targeting for a proficient long-term investment, a gas boiler is advisable. In most places, the cost of gas is much cheaper than that of electricity; therefore a gas boiler is more profitable regardless of its higher installation cost. You need to hire professionals for the installation of the boiler. Therefore, the boiler service cost will also be included.
  1. The area to be covered: The area you intend to cover also affects your selection. If you want to install a boiler for the whole house you should opt for a gas boiler. But a downside to a gas boiler is the space it requires for itself. As compared to it, electric boilers are much smaller and need much lesser space for installation. This pro of electric boiler is one of the main reasons behind installing it. Since the gas boilers are large in size, gas boiler installation requires a greater cost.
  1. Efficiency: Electric boilers are more efficient than gas boilers. But gas boilers, which use liquefied petroleum gas, can also be considered as clean energy. The only concern is that it uses natural resources; this is not the case in electric boiler if solar power is used to produce electrical energy. Environmental enthusiasts would still prefer electric boilers over gas ones.
  1. Miscellaneous: Electric boilers are much more silent than gas boilers. This is why many people opt for electric boilers. Also, electric boilers are easy to operate. With modern panels and operational modules, electric boilers are easier to operate as compared to gas boilers. Gas boilers, being conventional,do not require much expertise to operate making it easier for repairing purposes when needed.

Both gas and electric boilers have their own pros and cons. It’s up to the owner to choose between the two based on the requirements.

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