Do’s and Don’ts to Prevent Electrical Hazards

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A good electrical supply is one of the necessities of this modern age. Be it I phones, Laptops, TV’s , fridge, washing machine and many more items, they all require an electrical supply. Although we may take electrical power for granted every day, we need to remember how dangerous this can be too. It is important that both adults and children understand the safety measures to be taken when it comes to electrical safety at home. Children often love to put their fingers into sockets and chew on wires. It is so important that they are warned of the dangers at an early age. Let me share with you a few do’s and don’ts that will be sure to keep you and your family safe:


  • Put covers on all visible sockets in the house. This is especially important if you have small children in the house who will always try to put their fingers in the sockets.
  •  Make sure that all wires are in a good condition. Bare wires are dangerous and should not be used.
  • Make sure before cleaning any appliance you disconnect it.
  • Get disconnected and repaired any appliance that sparks.
  • Pull the plug when disconnecting any appliance, as opposed to the cord.
  • Use waterproof cords when outside the house, to protect them from the rain.
  • Always check manufacturer’s instructions before using any devices.


  • Overload any circuits by plugging in too many devices.
  • Buy cheap electrical appliances over reputable ones. The reputable ones are more likely to be much safer and pass higher safety standards.
  • Ever mix water and electricity. This can be extremely dangerous.
  • Use cords under carpets. They are likely to wear out due to being walked over.

As you all know how important it is to maintain electrical safety. It is just as important to know that when something does go wrong, that it is rectified safely and to a high standard. We all know how easy it can be to choose to get a job done cheaply. Although this seems the most economic way, it is not always the best. It is vital that you choose certified electrical contractors to get you job done. You may find that in the long run you will be saving yourself money as the job will be done properly. Us at Bag a Builder are able to provide you with just that and peace of mind. So if you would like to find tradesman with the best electrical certificates or even the best electrical installation , we are your one stop shop.

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