Electrical Safety: Do’s and Don’ts

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Electrical Safety
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One can’t imagine a life without electricity or electrical appliances today. They make our lives so enriching and convenient – unless something go wrong!

These wrongs can vary from a minor and somewhat harmless electric shock to a full-fledged explosion resulting in loss of life and property.

With a bit of awareness and practice of electrical safety standard, we can avoid these unfortunate disasters. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of electrical safety everyone must practice.


-Have some electrical equipment or wiring system to install/repair? It’s better to leave that to professionals. Hire certified electrical contractor or someone with electrical certificate at least. For any sort of electrical installation in the UK, trust only professionals. These things are not done every day and, with professional help, you can ensure that they remain that way.

-Water and electricity don’t get along well. Make sure to keep all electrical devices away from water sources. For electrical outlets in wet places like bathroom and kitchen, GFCI outlets must be used to avoid getting the shock of your life.

-Looking to install or repair the Pad-mount transformer outside your home? Or maybe you just want the shrubs near power lines cleared. Call in professionals irrespective.

-Do look out for overhead power lines every time you use a ladder or pole. Stay at least 10 feet away from any electrical lines.

-Use cover plates for all electrical outlets and wall switches, especially if they are within reach of pets and children. Keep an eye on them for any crack or damage. Replace them as soon as any damage is spotted.

-Do keep electrical devices and cords away from water and children. Teach kids to keep clear of electrical installation you deem dangerous and why. Explain to them what the warning signs mean.

– Do make sure all electrical devices are in good repair – if a damaged wire inside a tool or appliance touches the body of the device, it would be the same as touching a bare wire.

-Voltage spikes can ruin electrical appliances. Avoid that by using a Surge Protector – and a quality one at that!

-Extension cords are a boon to people devoid of sufficient electrical outlets. But use them sparingly.


-DON’T tinker with an electric meter (it’s dangerous and illegal). Please keep it free of ice and snow during the winter.

-DON’T hang signs on utility poles. Tacks, nails or staples can pose a life-threatening danger to workers who climb those poles.

-That black coating on your wires may just be plastic weatherproofing. Don’t mistake them for insulation and get hurt.

-Using nails and staple to attach a cord to another? Please DON’T! It can damage the insulation exposing you to electrocution.

-Think you can use a brittle or damaged electrical cord if the bare wires aren’t visible? THINK AGAIN. It can be fatal.

-Never try to fix an electrical tool or appliance while it’s plugged in.

-Want to protect kids by hiding transformers/meters with paint or bushes? Please DON’T do so. Utility workers may have to spot it quickly in an emergency or just work safely around it.

-Yanking cords from wall might seem harmless to you. But it’s not! It can damage both the plug and the outlet. Please resist this urge.

-Have kids who love to climb trees or fly kites? Make sure they don’t do it under or near power lines.

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