Extending Your Home: Do’s and Don’ts

Extending Your Home: Dos and Don’ts
Home Improvement & Decoration

At certain stage, every single homeowner thinks of ways to get enough living space in their home. There can be different reasons for such desire. For instance, some can be planning to extend their family while some might be in need of space to start a new business at their home or just get space to live freely. There are numerous alternatives to get ample space in your apartment with the most common being re-constructing the home by either adhering to loft conversions, knocking down the walls or house extension. Of all these, house extension is considered the most beneficial and easiest method to add on space and value to your building. However before you go ahead with the same, there are some factors to be kept in mind to ensure that your house extension cost is utilized in the right manner.

Take a look at the Dos and Don’ts hitched to house extension costs. This will help you to accomplish the task effectively within your budget.


  • Plan the budget accordingly. The importance of planning the budget cannot be underestimated. In fact this is the very first thing that you have to plan before you make a leap with the extension or renovation project. For the same, carry out a research work on the best house extension or renovation service providers. Seek quotes from them to check out the one offering the service you are looking for at the lowest cost.
  • Define all your objectives clearly and make sure that you prepare a project schedule that seems realistic enough.
  • Checking the work regulation of the contractors is very important when you are planning to bear hefty house renovation costs. Once the work is started and you have signed the work deed, you will not be able to terminate the project even if you are unhappy with the work regulation.
  • It is recommended to schedule the task effectively i.e. keeping in concern yours as well as the house renovation or extension service providing contractor’s convenience. This will ensure completion of the task with perfection within the scheduled time period.
  • Do go for professional and well experienced house renovation service providers after considering their insurance policy.


  • Do not make the mistake of falling for lowest budget blindly. This is because they can manipulate with the quality of the work. Also don’t simply get carried away with the first quotation. Crave for some more.
  • Never make the mistake of settling down the whole payment slotted for the project at one go. If any renovation contractor in London asks your for the same, remember that it is a warning sign to prevent engaging in any sort of deal with the same.
  • Don’t change your planning decision from time to time. Doing so can end up costing you a hefty amount.
  • Don’t rush into money related problems. Doing so can call for problems coming up in near future. Make only strategic investment.
  • Avoid any sort of unnecessary discussion. This is only bound to enhance trouble for your project schedule and in turn you might end up bearing more house extension costs and thus delay.

Hence, it is recommended to keep these dos and don’ts in concern when thinking of investing in house renovation rather than blindly carried out the same.

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