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Basement conversion would instantly add a new look to the entire property. This would automatically improve property value especially if you are opting to sell the house. The brand new space can be used as a workout room, entertainment zone or a bedroom. It can also be used as a reading room or a spot to retreat if you have a joint family.

The advantages of basement conversion differ based on the location. However, most of the basements are acknowledged for offering additional storage space. Possessing a dry and functional basement is an essential component of a household. Bag a Builder is an online platform that helps you to post a job related to the best home improvement. If you intend to enhance functionality and maximize living space, post a job to Bag a Builder’s online platform and sign up for free.

How does it work?

Bag a Builder is a reliable online platform that enables customers to post jobs related to basement or cellar conversion tasks. BAB would help you to find a various range of related tradesmen to complete the job.

As per construction standard, buildings have to be safe, secure and energy-efficient. The estimated duration required for cellar conversion is about a few weeks. However, transforming a single room cellar using a membrane lining system could exceed more than three weeks.


A one-time fee has to be made before posting jobs at the online platform at BAB. Unlike other house extensions, basement conversion requires maximum reconstruction work. Apart from interior remodeling and waterproofing expenses, a basement conversion is worth the money.

Our services

One should consider availing the service and the Basement conversion cost of tradesman through an online portal of BAB. Superior quality and adequate lighting basement living space offer instant access to the garden. No planning permission is required instead; it will be covered by the household’s permitted development.

Planning Permission is not required in circumstances wherein existing cellar placed below the residence is to be converted into a habitable spot. The floor level of the cellar is minimized to enhance the height of the ceiling.

An extension of cellar placed under the basement involves laying a strong foundation, which might take several months. The overall expenses needed to convert a default cellar into additional living space are quite similar to that of a standard loft conversion.

Choosing a specialist

BAB is an online portal from where homeowners can get connected with the wide range of tradesmen near their location. Signing up and posting a job at Bag a Builder is free of cost.

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