How To Win Big Contracts By Punching Above Your Weight

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Grabbing a Big Contract Despite Wearing Small Shoes
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Most small business owners and firms would like to land big business contracts. But, as we all know landing a big business contract is not easy in today’s climate of stiff competition. There are infinite numbers of small business firms along with the really big, established and reputed ones that are all chasing after the same contracts making it very difficult to earn the trust and faith of the big customers. In most cases, the owners of small business firms lose out to the big players in the industry.

Most small trade businesses need to be astute in planning their strategy when they set out to compete with the bigger competitors.  With a little planning and research, they could actually win contracts from big clients. Here area  few tips to follow that could be pay off greatly :

  • Be innovative: even if you are running a small business enterprise  your business is not the only one of its kind on this planet, there are a number of direct competitors to your business both small and large posing a threat.  You have to survive and flourish amidst the competition in a rather Darwinian manner.  In order to have a successful business, you need to stand out from the others by really focusing on your USP or unique selling proposition ( a term coined by Jay Abraham the American entrepreneur and business guru).  You need to be innovating and creative in your marketing approach.  Analyze and find out the most striking features of your enterprise and develop your marketing strategies based on it.
  • Promote your thought and idea amongst the clients: in spite of the fact that you run a small trade business, you must be able to position your thoughts and ideas succintly before your clients. What your business firm is thinking and your approach should be crystal clear to the customers and reiterated at every touch point with your customers. Don’t forget that the client needs to be convinced that your products, idea or solution is the right one for them and leading one in the market.
  • Help the larger companies to compete: although this point might appear a bit counter-intuitive and you might be asking why would you help the larger companies to compete against each other. Having an insight into how the larger firms operate would help you to gather a fair idea of what your competitors are thinking about or planning. Having knowledge of what is going in your competitor’s mind and strategy is always helpful in being more prepared and is particularly helpful in case you are trying to get hold of construction contracts.
  • Prepare the appropriate website design: even though you might be a small business striving for a big construction contract, your website design should be professionally designed, informative with professional images.  If you are not technically mind it would be a good idea to speak to a professional web designer to get your site up to a professional standard, as first impressions count.

As a small business owner the correct approach and strategies could definitely get you winning bigger contracts and competing against the Goliaths in your industry.  All you need is patience, careful planning and knowledge about the market and your competitors along with a strategy to lead you step by step to your destination.

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