A Guide for Bathroom Renovations

A Guide for Bathroom Renovations
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Every house, no matter how big or small, is equipped with a bathroom. Some houses even have more than one bathroom. This is the place where you can relax, get fresh and be prepared to face the day. Thus, it is important to take care of the hygiene and sanitation of your bathroom. You should have your bathroom planned in such a way that it helps to promote health as well as look aesthetically beautiful.

As the importance of a well-designed bathroom is felt by more and more people, it is important to have a proper planning beforehand. In most of the cases, bathroom renovations will take place over a previously designed bathroom. Before remodelling your bathroom, you should consider a few things regarding the renovation. Some of them are as follows:

1) What you desire from a new bathroom:

This is probably the first thought that should come to your mind. This is a vital point, based on which you will decide your bathroom fittings. You have to see the present situation of your bathroom and then decide what all are the changes you want to see. You need to consider the usage pattern and the number of family members that use the particular bathroom. Put forth ideas that you have gained by using other bathrooms, and the features you loved there. You may want to give it a modern outlook and user-friendly.

2) A price estimate and expenditure:

This is also an important point to consider before jumping to your renovation. While spending too much on a bathroom is definitely absurd, going in all budgets will result in dissatisfaction and regret. No matter the cost of equipment, the labour charges would be same. Therefore, before cutting the cost of quality equipment, find how much your local bathroom fitters will take to make the necessary renovations.

3) Time required for the construction.

On an average, a full renovation takes up to two weeks, unless you plan to completely overhaul your bathroom. A bigger bathroom will take up long time. A little increase in the size of the wall can result in a substantial consumption of time.

4) Take drainage into consideration.

You must know how your drainage is laid out. Your drainage may allow or limit certain changes as the drainage itself is the one permanent thing in your bathroom. You will have to position other equipment accordingly.

5) Lights and illumination.

Bathroom lights, in general, should not be too bright, as it will not be a relaxing experience. Spotlights give a modern and expensive look to your bathroom while being bright. LED bulbs are a good alternative as it does not heat up much and consume less power.

6) Proper storage and utilisation of space.

Your bathroom can provide you with ample space that can be used for storage. Clever planning can help you make the bathroom more user-friendly.

7) Safety measures.

Accidents in bathrooms are not unheard of. Use of non-slippery materials for the floor of the bathroom will minimise this. Additionally, a first-aid cupboard may be constructed if space permits.

8) Provision for exhaust.

You might consider having an exhaust fan near one corner of your bathroom in case you do not have one. It will not only keep the place fresh but also well circulated.

Bathrooms are a vital part of every home. A well-planned bathroom will give you a satisfying and happy feel. It feels more like a personal space for the user. Therefore, it must be well built and maintained. Follow this guide and remodel your bathroom as per your heart’s desire.

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