Guide to Paint like a PRO

Guide to Paint like a PRO
Home Improvement & Decoration

If you find the walls of your room to be too dull for your taste, you need to grab your brush and give painting your best shot. But do not treat it lightly. If it was that easy, there would not be any certified painters and decorators. But there is nothing to fret about. If you follow this guide properly, painting your rooms will not be a problem.

Thorough Visual Preparation

Before applying new primer and paint, any cracked area need to be scraped and rinsed because the weight of new coat of paint will loosen the old paint. Greasy spots also need to be washed beforehand. Wipe the walls with a damp cloth to ensure that the paint has a dust free surface to stick to.

Sand the Trim

Usually, one coat of colour is not enough to hide the original colour of the trim. However, two coats result in a grainy texture. A fine grit sanding sponge ensures a smooth finish. You need to sand the surface before and after applying the first coat. For the latter, you have to wait at least for one whole day. After each sanding, vacuum and wipe down to remove any leftover dust.

Protect what you do not want to be painted

Before you start painting, cover floors, hardware, and furniture to avoid paint on them. Small plastic bags covered by tape are good ways to cover doorknobs.

Avoid Humidity

Humidity does not let paint to dry swiftly. So wait for dry weather before you paint. If you have to paint on a rainy day, do not hurry.  The slow dry painting can prove advantageous to you if you attempt to correct your errors before your next coat. However, if you overdo it will show upon completion.

Paint the Edges

If you want to paint like skilled painters and decorators in London, make sure you paint the edges, the corners, areas under windows and around door frames before starting on the walls. This will help you to tape off just these areas.

Quality Matters

Some people spend a lot on paint but become miserly when it comes to roller covers, tapes, and brushes. High-quality rollers and brushes give good coverage and painter’s tape is crucial when it comes to sealing out drips. Using cheap supplies will force you to work twice as hard to achieve a reasonably good finish.

Remove Switch and Outlet Covers

You may be tempted not to remove light switch and outlet covers. But it just only takes five minutes and you will regret it later if you don’t do this.

Painting can be quite difficult and requires lots of patience. You need the right tools, effort, time and experience. If you are not up for it, there are plenty of certified painters and decorators who will be more than happy to help you out. If, on the other hand, you believe you can carry out the task, follow this guide and have a fun experience.

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