Health and Safety Risks in Construction!

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Health and Safety Risks
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Construction sites are the riskiest places to work. Construction jobs are considered to be the most dangerous job when compared to other sectors. People work at high altitudes and with the constant movement of heavy machinery and equipment around the construction sites, the chances of accidents and injuries are more.

What are the main risks involved and how to stay safe?

There are statistics which show that construction workers are at high risk of developing diseases and health-related issues.  The rate of injuries at work is higher in construction when compared to other employment sectors. But some of the renowned builders have taken up the initiative to ensure a safe environment for the workers. This step has encouraged people from labourers to skilled craftsmen, architects and site engineers to pursue their careers in construction.

There has been a significant improvement over the recent years in reducing the injuries at construction sites. The main risks involved in working at any of the construction sites are-

    • Construction sites produce lots of dust and contain a mixture of toxic substances which can damage the lungs. The employers should ensure that protective equipment is properly utilized to minimize the pollution.
    • Scaffolds that are erected should be rigid and should be able to bear the weight. It must be tightly planked.
    • Noise is a major hazard at the site. With continuous exposure to loud noise, there could be chances of people suffering from hearing loss. The employers should ensure proper safety guidelines to minimize the noise levels at these sites.
    • Construction sites have heavy machinery and uneven surfaces which might cause slips and falls. Workers should be trained to handle such risks at construction sites.
    • As the work requires people to work at high altitudes, more safety measures should be taken by the employers. Fall accounts for the highest fatalities in the construction sites. Proper fall protection methods like guard rails, nets, etc., are needed to be installed to reduce such accidents.
    • Electricity is also one major risk factor that is faced by workers at the site. There are many cases of workers getting electrocuted during refurbishment work at the construction sites. Precautionary measures need to be adopted at these sites to avoid such incidents.
    • Construction sites are busy places with loads of trucks moving around. There will be a continuous shifting of supplies and equipment in an uneven terrain. To ensure smooth movement of vehicles, the site layout should be safe and all the entry and exit from the site needs to be controlled in an efficient way.
    • Asbestos is one of the harmful substances which are available at some of these maintenance sites. Workers should be given general awareness about the health hazards posed by these harmful materials.

What should be done?

The builders should conduct effective training programs for the workers to tackle these risks involved at the construction sites. There are some renowned construction companies across London who follow safety checklist. They provide personal protective equipment to all the workers at their sites. Hence, many skilled craftsmen are eager to take up construction jobs.

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